Is the Halo Channel broken?

I cant get terminals to play (still get the achievements) and it keeps telling me to purchase nightfall… what is going on?

Nobody? Really? A little help would be nice!

Many people have the same issue.
Yes, channel seems to be broken.
I don’t get it. Why did they get such… stupid idea to make Spartan Ops Cinematics and Terminals NOT in-game?! This is utterly STUPID.

So they know about this issue but dont want to do anything? Why are people not making a bigger deal about it?

idk still broken for me

I can not read terminals Halo Channel.
When I run the video, I have a black screen that loads at infinity.
343 Please , do an update of your application!

don’t know what changed, but the videos are working now!

The app has always been broken since launch…