Is the Custom Challenges down or something?

I’m trying to create custom challenges and apparently the server is down or something with maintenance. Anyone else having the same problem?

mine is down to

Is matchmaking up?
I am assuming they are fixing the population counter… hopefully.

Multiplayer is fine from far as I can tell…I just wanna make my own challenges

maybe they finally closed it for good. i was about to do it for the first time


I hope they haven’t closed it, I’ve only just started using it my self. Hope 343 fix what ever is going on :slight_smile:

Yeah, I know…

Ok…stat server maintenance still going on? Really?!

I just wanna have access to my custom challenges…

What in the H…E…Double hockey’s is going on with the challenge section??? Does anyone know when we will be able to access it again??

My custom challenges are back up and running try yours if you haven’t already. :slight_smile: