Is the concept art pic Sanghelios?

Based on the one piece of concept art revealed I think Sanghelios is part of Halo 5: Guardians. Looking closely at the small figure it appears to be a Sangheili. There also appears to be a statue or monument holding an energy sword type weapon.

Everybody points to Sanghelios. IThe possibilities of what this planet is are endless, here’s a list:

-An outer colony teeming with Insurrectionists.
-It didn’t need Terra formation, as it already supported live, explaining why its mostly harsh desert.
It’s in a binary star system, explaining the two suns in the concept art (It’s unknown if it has a moon or not)
-The Halo 4 armor, Wetwork was first tested against real enemys here. Could the unknown Spartan be wearing a prototype Artwork armori

-It takes years to Terra form a planet, which means that most of Reach would still be glassed.
-Reach has two moons, explaining the concept art.
-Reach has unknown Forerunner tech, giant bird thing explained.

-Home world of the Brutes, would explain this mysterious statue.
-Covered in deserts.
-Has three moons, Teash, Solrapt, and Warial.

-This is not confirmed a planet, but highly possible.
-Halo 4 map, Pitfall takes place here, it obviously has history, and a desert.

Installation 00
-I am not even going to go over this, the theory has been said time and time again.

It could be a new planet.

Returning to Reach would be pretty pointless and has not been hinted at whatsoever, so I’m going to rule that one out.

However, from what it looks like, the teaser, the promotional art, and the two pieces of concept art all look like they’re to be in different locations. This could indicate that we’re getting a pretty -Yoinking!- massive campaign.

Teaser: Lesser Ark?

Concept Art 1: Somewhere?

Promotional Art: Charum Hakkor?

Concept Art 2: Sangheilios?

Since the trailer came out after the last post (I think), I’ll pick this thread back up.

I found the concept art before E3 and had the theory that it was Sanghelios. Energy swords are deeply part of Sangheili culture, so I highly doubt it’s a Jiralhanae planet.

Covenant ships and vehicles are largely purple, and it’s said somewhere that this is tied to the color palatte of Sangheilios. You see purple and orange flags in the photo.

So I thought “Hey, Arbiter is in the comics, so what if this is his keep?” Vadam keep is in the side of a mountain. Kinda looks like that in the photo.

Then the trailer came out.

The concept art is in the trailer right when he says to Locke “Yo. I trust you because all of our lives are at stake.” That timing tells me that it’s in fact Sangheilios.

There’s also what looks to be Flood in that piece of art flying in the background, and the Flood is confirmed to be coming back in the comics on the Spirit of Fire from Halo Wars. Mayhaps it lands on Sangheilios? It again ties back to the timing in the trailer with Arbiter’s quote.

It’s also possible that all of the above is TOTALLY wrong.

If you guys are interested in the continuation of lore, I highly suggest checking out the Halo Escalation comics from Dark Horse. They’re on issue 9 now. Issue 10 is out this month.

End note: I feel like we haven’t seen the last of the San 'Shyuum. It would be interesting to see if there’s a faction that follows their old ways (pre-super old religious nutbags). Same goes for Iso-Didact. Those two things (along with a few others) are waaaaaaaaay to important to just not bring back.