Is the community more creative than 343?

The purpose of this thread is to address 343 whilst they’re in early development of Halo 5 and prevent another Reach/4. I ask the community to flood these forums with ideas and return the Halo community to what we’re known for. No truer halo fan BS, every body’s a halo fan on these forums. Next-Gen will have even more new fans but Next-Gen does not mean CoD , like 343 thinks. Halo 4 is the foundation of Halo 5 so by the law of common sense it should be better than Halo 4.

I mean the community of these forums has some great ideas and if 343 don’t implement some of the great ones it will just be negative innovation. If this happens hopefully Bungie’s Destiny cuts the life of support from halo, after the cancer that’s Reach has crippled Halo to its core. If halo continues in the trend of CoD band wagoning it will almost be unrecognisable from its great past. Please read on, as this thread explains much of the truth.

There were members on these forums who now seem to be far more knowledgeable about canon, multiplayer, forge and the future of Halo itself than 343. Now these forums have become corrupted by the DMR, BS and TU plague pushing the creative and campaign discussion out. Only the Halo 4 section of the forums can people get larger attention and people keep posting Matchmaking topics in it. It’s impossible to disagree with the evidence forum goers have shown against the DMR and Boltshot, only the arrogant/crutch forum goers disagree.

Some Examples of community ideas from 2011 and 2012:

Flood Firefight with the return of ODST’s (343 if you want to copy CoD get zombies make it better then destroy CoD zombies)

Forge DLC/ Expansions

Individual weapon balancing in Custom Games: ROF, Ammo, Bloom, Spread, recoil etc

Custom Forge pieces

Flat forge map with the ability to change textures and mold the map to the individuals preferences.

I’m pretty sure someone came up with the idea of Spartan Ops being replaced with a separate camapaign involving the Arbiter.

Even someone could probably of created a better faction than Knights, Dogs, and flying trolls.

A list of communities 343 has crippled or killed in its quest to become CoD

The Elite Community - RIP :frowning:

The Forge Community - Get well soon :frowning:

The Custom Games Community - WHY?? -_-

The competitive Community - Don’t kill what’s left of them 343!!! :open_mouth:

Firefight Community - Some merged with the Spartan Ops community, the rest are gone (Probably in Zombies)

The Theatre/Machinima community – They damage off free advertising, entertainment and Campaign/Spartan Ops

Introduced Spartan Ops Community - A nice addition, but it was a disaster from ep 1-5 and many players haven’t touched 6-10 because of this. Also terrible writing and characters but the CGI is awesome.

Attempted to bring CoD fans to Halo – This is just sad, focus on the Halo fans first. Poorly implemented features mainstreamed by CoD.

Campaign Community - honestly this is more of just a downgrade in replay-ability. CE had story and exploration (AoTR anyone?), h2 had action (Gravemind Anyone?), h3 was just what h2 would’ve been if its campaign was completed (H2 was supposed to end when we arrived at the lesser Ark) and ODST had a great atmosphere. H4 had such a predictable story it was sad, though some of the gameplay and design was fresh.

Honestly, 343 if you listened to the community Halo 4 would’ve slaughtered BO2.
But this brings in the conspiracy (Beta conspiracy) of 343 intentionally sabotaging Halo 4. If Halo 4 we’re what the community wanted; Microsoft might have had to deal with another Halo 2 which would negatively affect the launch of the next Xbox in November 2013.

The chance of a 343 employee reading this is non-existent just like the majority of threads on this forum. Even if they do read this, they will just laugh and continue torture Halo. 343 employees probably don’t even pass on information through the tiers to actually make a difference.

If a 343 employee does read this, then read the following quote and reflect on what Halo 4 is and make sure you tell your buddies to make Halo 5 slaughter CoD Black Ops 4, Modern Warfare 5, Future Warfare 2 in the case of IW renaming Modern Warfare. Make Halo the reason why people buy Xbox’s again.

> 343 Industries is forging the future of Halo, expanding and building upon one of the most successful franchises in gaming history. Halo is a rich and exciting universe that encompasses AAA video games, New York Times best-selling novels, world class animation and much, much more. Just you wait. 343 is set to revolutionize gaming and entertainment by putting the industries fiercest talent in one room and diving for cover. Come be part of the awesome.

Sincerely, a Hardcore-Competitive-Casual-Campaign Halo fan who wants to see the next 10 years of Halo be great, not a stain on Halo’s history.

The community will almost always be more creative than the company due to a larger pool of people.

However, it can sometimes be a task to filter out the best from the rest when looking through the content of the community compared to the company.

I dont think any modern FPS will ever have a great campaign like we got in the days of the first Xbox. Most companies focus on multiplayer since all the add-on money is there.