Is the commando rifle THAT bad?

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I’m not saying that this weapon is without its downsides, but it can be devastating when it’s wielded by someone with skill. I am not that person sadly, but I know better than to underestimate its power.

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I tend to prefer it in BTB and campaign. It’s different than the BR, for sure, and I find it’s decent to use once you figure it out. Basically, two-shot bursts to the body, and then headshots once shields pop. Or use in combo with plasma pistol/pulse carbine to drop shields and then switch to the commando. However, in 4v4 I find it’s harder to use since it can be a long TTK if that’s all you’re using, and the shorter distances/lower chaos of 4v4 maps tend to mitigate its effectiveness. BTB works well because you have range and I use it from the edges of skirmishes when teammates are pushing objective or a particular spot and I can help drop shields/get headshots from a distance and set up the team to face less resistance/move forward. It does not work well when played with the same style as the BR - they are not interchangeable.

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Someone kept using pro players as an example as to how to use the commando very well but he kept forgetting that most of us have lives lol. We can’t devote out entire existence to playing video games unlike the guys in Optic.

If this gun is terrible in the hands of casual players but hard to master with pro’s then by all means it sucks, in Halo’s case every gun is either good or bad there’s no room for a weapon that can only be used effectively by 0.1 percent of the population.


It’s pretty effective if you use it as a support weapon, since it auto-fires fast. Like just auto-fire a second, then swap to any one of your other weapons to clean up (likely BR or AR).

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In my experience, it’s absolute trash in any game-mode where people have shields. As for SWAT ( oops, sorry, I mean “tactical slayer”) it is my favorite weapon to use, even more than the BR. I can’t tell you why, I just perform better with it in general.


Yeah I don’t pretend to understand why they changed the name from swat. The commando is incredible in swat games for sure. The ammo economy is far less of an issue there since we have infinite ammo reserves.

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Yes it is.

That damage nerf just about killed it.


So we got 5 caps in one sentence lets gooo! That’s like a new record lol. Then we got another cap about me on the bottom, if you want to see my skill there’s literally a big fat 3+ k/d on Warzone in H5 because it was my most played gamemode lol. Go ahead and look instead of lying to people on the internet.

Can we please keep on topic here? There’s no need to go off on these pointless tangents just for the sake of arguing.

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Yeah this guy just does not know how to make a conversation he just likes to talk it and then disappear when someone claps him

Use waypoint lmao I don’t use Codtracker. Can I get a mod to take care of this guy for running this post off topic?

There’s no actual correlation between whether or not you have a life and your skill handling the commando rifle. I don’t really have a life and I can’t wield the rifle effectively yet outside the campaign. You’re describing causation there.

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You know that gif where a chimp is shooting an AK? That’s how I feel when I use the Commando

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It is sadly not good. But with no bloom it would be really good.

Even as it exists now, it’s a hipfire monster. But you really cannot miss a shot and if you have a BR… Well, there’s no reason to use it instead. You aren’t getting that optimal TTK.

Commando is actually not terrible. Especially for BTB. In quick play, you can use sidekick or commando and get similar results (commando just has a bigger magazine). In BTB though, you get the bigger scope, allowing it to transcend the level the sidekick is at and become a viable option. I think that if the DMR were to be introduced, it should be between the Commando and BR. Decent damage, but has some bloom (even if people hate bloom, it is negotiable and can make a gun not become godly or dominate a sandbox). The BR currently is the best weapon that is a “starter weapon”, meaning that starting with it you can get a solid amount of kills. A commando and DMR should be below that threshold, if someone who can manage the bloom gets a DMR, they should be able to sit toe to toe against a BR, a commando in competent hands should be able to beat a AR but maybe not a BR.

The problem is that it masquerades as a precision weapon, but has every trait that says otherwise. Heavy bloom and recoil make this gun an absolute nightmare to control. Simply firing 1 shot carries your reticle off of the target for follow-up shots, and firing full auto is even worse. The bloom is so wild that a spartan can be right in front of you and everything will still miss.

  • So it’s an automatic rifle that has a useless full-auto, forcing tap fire
  • Bloom and recoil make the precision rifle imprecise, taking away its fast fire rate as well as reducing its range
  • A body kill requires 65% accuracy while the BRs body kill is only about 50%.

I think they need to just get rid of the high-bloom and increase the damage back to the way it was in the flights.

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I find the commando to be highly effective in quick play games. With a good aim it beats the AR and pistol most of the time. It is a very unforgiving weapon, but I think damage-wise it is properly balanced. It could do with 5 extra rounds per clip though.

I would very rarely pick it up if I had the BR though, if that says anything

I love the commando personally. I tap fire it just like the sidekick and the thing is a monster at medium to long range. Good luck at close range though…. Lol

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It’s bad but not unusable. But when people say it’s useless, I kind of understand.

Here’s one thing I don’t get: People keep comparing it to the DMR, but it’s really a UNSC Covenant Carbine.
The unnerfed TTK and ammo almost matches the Covenant Carbine perfectly, but that’s where the similarities stop.

Someone in their infinite wisdom (pun totally intended), decided to give it really aggressive Bloom and Kick. Then they nerfed the damage again. Jesus, I swear whoever applied these to the Commando have a hate bone for it.

For now, it’s really poor for crossmapping, but decently strong in mid range, and when paired with a shieldbreaking weapon, it’s a very nice clean up.


Lmao I use it for COD but not Halo keep the tears coming baldy