Is the Chief helping Halsey?

I haven’t seen this topic yet so I figured I’d start it. I have a theory that the Master Chief has found Halsey and is helping her in whatever way. That, to me, would explain the “traitor” label.

Teh master cheef gon join da covnant and deestroi teh univarse

To give you a straight answer: No, he’s not.

'Escalation’s current writer
confirmed that the Chief has already “gone off the grid” prior to the recent events in the comics, and that we won’t be seeing him again until ‘Halo 5’. So it’s impossible for him to meet up with Halsey or likely even hear about what has happened to her; whatever reason he’s gone AWOL must be totally unrelated to Halsey, Jul, or the Infinity’s crew. It’s also already been confirmed by the developers that he is still the hero of this story; so whatever the “traitor” label is for, it’s obviously either just a misunderstanding about the nature of his disappearance or a deliberate attempt by ONI to defame him now that he’s no longer under their control. I think that the Chief is still very much dedicated to protecting humanity (and all other sentient life), but just that he’s more willing now to go his own way in order to do that - even if that means going outside UNSC regulations.

Yeah I never thought he would be the bad guy. He’ll have a good reason in all that he does.

I don’t really think she needs his help to be honest. She and Jul have an understanding, she was able to outwit Sarah Palmer and escape with the UNSC’s half of the Janus Key and is on their way to the Absolute Record.