Is the beta for insiders only?

Title says it all. Pretty Much.

Beta is for anybody, go download it.

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I was an insider, I was just wondering because there are a shocking amount of people that dont know how to get it.

Available to everyone.

You go to steam or the MS store and download, then launch

When I open it in Microsoft Store, it says its installed.
I click play and it just opens a GameStubWindows.

How do I actually play this (non-steam) ?

The change to unlock the game is likely still propagating across Microsoft servers, restart your xbox app if on PC, then restart your PC if still nothing, restart your Xbox if on Xbox, and if still nothing then try again in 10mins, these things take time.

It keeps saying you’re to early on my end!

service probably goes live in an hour or two

Really whos BS rules wont let me post twitter links?? Apparently MS store version is having issues and 343 is working to resolve asap.

Thanks for the update - time to cook!

Tweet from
Brian Jarrard


If you’re running into a blue screen still on Xbox/Win when trying to install, please try restarting your console/relaunching Xbox Game Pass for PC and try again. We’re getting reports this issue should be mostly resolved.