Is the Assault Rifle Worth Using?

Is it any good?

On small maps, yes.

Very powerful.

The weakness is that you do have to get close if you are against a long range weapon user.

I use the Tactical Package, “Firepower” so that it can be my secondary.

There are a lot of long range battles in Halo 4 as opposed to what I’m personally used to but if you’re using an Assault Rifle and can get in close to those using the BR or DMR you can really catch them off guard and win that close quarters battle. For that reason I think it’s worth using, you just need to keep quiet and get in close to your enemy before unloading on them.

It is an absolute beast in CQB, I love killing AR users from a range with teh DMR and then taking their AR. Its essentially the CE AR in terms of kill times, maybe even faster.

Def worth a try though I would never pick one up over a DMR

Definitely glad with the Ar in this game. Best its been. CQ actually feels good when you actually have a chance at taking out BR/DMR users. THANK YOU 343 for this greatest of all weapons

> Its essentially the CE AR in terms of kill times, maybe even faster.

The AR in CE is easily the worst AR in any Halo multiplayer, that’s not really a good comparison.

@OP if you can get close enough to them, you can easily kill someone with it, but as usual it doesn’t compare with the precision weapons once the distance increases by any respectable amount.

If you are agile enough, you can actually burst fire it and kill people reasonably far away, just be really really careful and it works some of the time. It is my second favorite AR rendition behind Halo 3s now. My only gripe is it kept Reach’s stupidly big reticle.

If you set your classes up right and actively put yourself in CQ then you will do well. Remember, you have a pistol. It’s not even bad at mid range either.

Don’t use it on Ragnarok, for example. But most of the other Big Team Slayer maps have areas purposefully built for running to and around with an AR and getting good results.

It’s pretty good if you can catch your target off guard.

As Jacobson said, really good as a secondary when using ‘firepower’. You can switch to it when in CQ and ambush people expecting a DMR or BR fight.

It is definitely worth using.

I have just started to pick it up, whenever I find one on the ground, as it very useful when getting rushed after getting 1 kill. If you get in their face and jump up and down whilst keeping your aim on them it is very hard to kill you.

I am not quite sure how much the broken lag compensation is affecting this, but the assault rifle continues to be underpowered in comparison to other firearms. If you can’t lay down a melee after 6 shots, you are often still beat out by long range weapons such as the battle rifle at close range. And if you are out numbered forget about it, especially with grenades being so crappy.

only really for close range, especially when the other team is working together you’ll still be able to get some kills!

I prefer the Storm Rifle, but nobody uses it for some reason. I’m like +200 kills and five deaths with it in all my game modes. AR is a nice runner up. I find the Suppressor to be the weakest of the bunch by far. Sure it has the highest rate of fire, but it extremely weak. You have to be a lot closer for it to be as effective as the SR or AR.

The Halo 4 AR fufills the close-range niche role that it was designed to have, and it performs so much better than previous incarnations. However, as a primary weapon, it doesn’t have the versatility of the BR/DMR/Carbine/LR. Using Firepower to make it a secondary is the best option, though the Suppressor is a touch better in my opinion.

It DESTROYS when CQB, I actually have it as a secondary on my DMR class because I’d rather use it than the DMR when I’m up close (yes the so-called “OP” DMR)

It needs a little buff if it wants to compete as a primary rifle. It works well with firepower, however.

If you’re in CQB and are smart, you can destroy with it and the other automatics.

I have a loadout specifically for smaller maps.

Anything else, don’t touch anything than the almighty DMR.

AR is an assist scoring monster!

I like to roll either AR/DMR or AR/BR depending on the map or my mood. Very easy to pull it out in a pince and pepper a target for my teammate to mop up. More points for everyone!

I set a loadout with AR secondary for maps like Adrift and Solace, mid range maps with little space in between. AR destroys in the good conditions.

It is an effective sidearm (through Firepower), I prefer the Suppressor for primary work. I would use the suppressor as a secondary if I hadn’t paid for a skin for the AR and therefore felt obligated to use it.