Is the AR. The new shotgun?

I played a game earlier and i was literally blown away by the AR. It was a 4x4 game and i was killed 6 times by an someone on the other team. What pickles me is that in the kill cam, everytime i was killed by this player his AR bullet count shown ,went from around 32 and always ended dead on 23. Either there is something -Yoinked!- up with this or the AR is totaly OP.
Any thoughts or explanations?

burst fire ?

I think it’s refreshing for the AR to finally be a viable option. Obviously it has its limitations (see: long-medium range) which makes it balanced. Just don’t go sprinting head on into someone with an AR and you’ll be fine. Play with your Halo head, not your COD head

The shotgun is the new shotgun

The reason it’s killing faster is because of where the bullet’-Yoink!-. While you cant get a headshot with the automatic weapons, they DO do more damage if they hit you in the face.

So if you’re downhill from the target using the AR/SR be ready to get killed.

The Assault Rifle isn’t OP; it is exactly where it needs to be. I was rather tired of weak automatics and Halo 4 bucks this trend. I rather have this than the amazingly disappointing water guns given to players in Halo 3/Reach. Though it’s rather unilikey, at least the AR shows it can be viable…for once.

The Suppressor is really good too; i tested out and it’s kills pretty fast though it’s bloom cuts down on it’s range. ROF is wicked though. 2nd best loadout automatic weapon.

> burst fire ?

No burst fire.