Is that Mk V? Or am I mistaken?

It’s wensday, which means we get a new bulletin :smiley:
It was a covenant weapons video. In picture in the bulletin that shows off the gravity hammer, the helmet the spartan was wearing caught my eye.

It’s either Mk V or EVA. I can’t quite put my finger on it, though. What do you think? Have we seen all the armor already? What are your thoughts? Mk V or EVA? Is this just a false alarm?

Just something I thought I’d put out there.


EDIT: Nvm Thought he was talking about the first picture.

> Aviator

Thanks for letting me get a look at the armor.

Its got that circle thing near the bottom that doesn’t look like anything we’ve seen yet. Maybe EVA or Air Assualt

> Aviator

How’s it Aviator? It looks nothing like it! That helmet he’s talking about looks like Mark V to me. Aviator looks NOTHING like Mark V and the visor was WAY too small…

Air assault

I want Mark V more then almost any other Helmet …