Is tempest and highlands in TS and Squad Slayer?

I miss the vehicular action in non-btb gametypes.

Tempest is supposed to be but not Highlands. I have never seen Tempest personally but according to the active playlists it is there. LINK

> I miss the vehicular action in non-btb gametypes.

Yes, Reach lacks maps that would fill that void. I have never seen Tempest in either of those playlists and I don’t think enough people have the DLC for that to appear. Theres always someone in the roster who doesn’t have it.

Man I miss Standoff.

They should make at least squad slayer DLC requiring.

That would probably kill that playlist unfortunately. I don’t think Reach is hot enough for the DLC maps to become a common item among the online community. I don’t see a lot of people purchasing Noble DLC just so they can play in a playlist that excludes armor lock.

Squad Slayer is a good thing though. Finally, no armor lock. That thing made me quit Reach until this playlist came up.

i am almost positive i played tempest in team slayer once, and i’ve played highlands a few times in squad slayer i think.

i agree, though, that team slayer needs more vehicle maps. most of the maps are just close quarters spartan stuff.