Is SWAT here to stay is it just temporary?

Hello halo fans…

I had a quick question on halo 4. is the SWAT game going to be here forever or is it just a trail thing like team snipers?

I’m just asking because I played it for the first time last night, and I love it. Really fun, makes my DMR really powerful and makes me headshots really count.

I think its one headshot ot kill someone in SWAT? while its like 4 or 5 in Slayer?

Thanks for your help
Take care

here to stay until numbers decline i believe.

Swat is a rotational playlist, the only reason why it has stayed for so long is because of its popularity.
When the numbers decline it will probably be switched out for something else. But that being said, if the numbers stay how it is it could become a permanent playlist.