Is something wrong with the servers?

Ever since the last update, I have been experiencing frequent disconnects, often right in the middle of a game. The strange part is there have been no latency issues to speak of, and I know it’s not my internet because all of my other internet-based apps work just fine.

The heck is going on? Is this a game-wide issue, or is there something I can do to fix it on my end?

I think this is on the other side. Game disconnects are usually frequent with new games.

I just got the game on thanksgiving, I have yet to search and find and few games that I’m not rubberbanding or lagging out in. I was led to believe dedicated servers would minimize the lag. I have better connection on Reach on the 360 then I do on a 400 dollar new gen console. I really hope those of you at 343 can unfuck this issue if its on your end.