Is Smurfing a problem at all levels?

So I am a high Gold low plat level player,

At this level Smurfing is epidemic,
9 out of 10 games contain low level players playing with their high ranked “Friends”……hmmmm

Last night I was surprised to find a Silver 5 teaming with a plat 4.

I was stunned when I got beat by a Silver 2 teaming with a diamond 1 !!!
I thought this disparity had been stopped by 343

I get I play solo and I am not skilled enough to carry a team, but wondered does this problem effect higher levels, 343 don’t seem to give it a mention and wondered if it’s because once you pass a certain rank you don’t really notice it ?

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I seen some players on my team and the enemy team do really bad at first part of the mach but near the end of the game It’s like thay open up a can of whop @zz on everyone and win the game and other times thay play really good at first but stop trying to win right at the end of the mach. Of course I can’t prove there Smurfing or not so its hard to tell what’s going on.

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Is it based on their mmr not their csr? I am not sure - there is a limitation for sure. Last season I couldn’t play with any of my friends that still play after I hit diamond 6, highest was plat 4 (the range shrinks as you play together). I’ve already seen it this season too so it’s still there for sure.

Also for what it’s worth - you’re high level gold, that’s the very middle of the player distribution, in theory you should see basically everything but high onyx and low bronze.

I’m a 1600+ Onyx and I play with my friend who’s a plat 4. We win much less than 50% of our games.

The key stopping Smurfing was the volatile MMR. It would go up very quickly. And because you were matched on MMR it effectively but the screws on Smurfers.

But now we match on CSR. Which is apparently what people were asking for. So beware what you ask for…

Hopefully 343 have something in the background to work around this. But at 15 points a win it’s going to take a long time for a Smurfer’s CSR to catch up with their actual MMR.

That’s actually still within their allowed CSR ranges.

A CSR of 1050 can still match to a range of 825. So as far down as 225

I imagine they will slowly narrow the down the ranges over time.

As you get closer to Onyx the allowable skill range drops from 900 to 600.

I think you see that a lot. Squads mucking around for the first half of the game - and then getting a bit more serious towards the end.

Matching is now based on CSR.

And squads are limited on CSR. Starting at 900 (Platinum 1) and slowly decreasing to 600 (Onyx).

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Is that true that it’s live? I saw multiple people on reddit claim it’s not live yet and will be added later in winter update.

Looks like the only changes are what’s in the patch notes:

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My bad.

Just shows how many ranked games I’ve been able to get into this season.

Zero and counting. :frowning: