Is Slayer Pro Coming Back v.v?

Hello Everyone, this is my first time posting a topic on this forum so im kind of new to this. But anyways i was wondering if anyone knows if Slayer Pro is making a come back to matchmaking:(? Now i know many people may have not liked it and so forth but to me that was like my favorite playlist on Halo 4 and im pretty sure many others enjoyed it as much as i have:) it’s just been gone for quite sometime now and im starting to wonder if 343 will ever bring it back to matchmaking.

Thank You guys for taking ur time to read my post ^-^

Team Throwdown = Slayer Pro

> Team Throwdown = Slayer Pro


Doubles Pro = Slayer Pro minus 4 players. Team Throwdown = Competitive Playlist.

(ha10 m4n) i thought that two at first but, Team Throwdown and Slayer Pro are two completely different game types trust me v.v i played the heck out of Slayer Pro wen it was still up and i played the heck out of Throwdown as well but they both play very very differently.