Is Slayer a bit unfair?

I have been playing Halo 5 for a while and I noticed that the gameplay was a bit unfair. So you join a match and the first thing that you see is everyone rushing towards a BR or DMR. But there’s not that many near spawn. If you have a BR or DMR you have a pretty big advantage over the player with an AR or even a Pistol. The BR and the DMR is kind of like a power weapon at spawn. If one team has all BR’s and DMR’s its pretty much a win. Map conrol is one thing, but do we really need to control a starting weapon that was in previous Halo’s? Why isn’t there a BR Playlist? When I think of map control I think of controlling Power Ups and Heavy Weapons not primary’s. What do you guys think? I would like to know what your thoughts are on this topic.

ok first off you really need to go in a custom game and look at all the spawns for everything. there is a weapon for every player at start. not everyone is suupose grab a br. for example if you spawn outside on the rig someone is supose to pick on the carbine on the left one should go to the plasma caster one should go for the scatteshot and one should go for the bolt shot. no its not unfair your shots are probably bad because of pistol can out shoot every perscion weapon in the game if used right. br starts will not work the ttk is way to fast for it to be consdiered competitive anyomore. when a weopon is picked up it takes ten seconds to resawn so you can grab another br if your teamate did already.

Haven’t had an issue out-shooting someone with my pistol even if they have a DMR. Stay mobile, close the gap, punch them in the face.

I wish that the timer for the Power weapons or hearing when the power weapons is going to spawn get remove since really all people do just go straight for it or camps at the spawn point

Don’t take the BR/DMR then. Take the Light Rifle or Carbine.

Anyway that’s how Halo has always been for me. Everyone rushing either to get the power weapons or the mid-range weapons.

So what did I do? Use what I got, in this case AR and pistols, SMG, etc. Of course if I have the chance to get a mid-range weapon I would pounce on it but it’s not everything.

The only problem I’ve had with slayer is being brought down by my random teamates for a loss. But that’s my fault for going in without a team, its not really the game to blame.