Is sensitivity the same across all games?

for example, if I had my sensitivity at 5 in MCC, and 5 in H5, would it be the exact same? is it consistent across the games? And will Infinite be the same?

I personally have never noticed a change between the halo games and I just went back through all of them the last couple of weeks to finish off things I never got like the 50 in halo 3, co-op legendary in reach, armory completion in reach and so on. Hoping the stats update one last time to show it but the sensitivity was the same for all games for me.

In Halo Infinite, max sensitivity feels a tad slow compared to H5 and other games.

I actually agree. It feels slower to me for some reason but in a way I’m happy about it.

This is gonna be something that’s comfortable you and the eyes… like me halo 2 set to a 7 halo 3 set to a 5 they just something that has to be comfortable to you buddy.