Is recruiting possible here?(For Groups or Other?)

I was contemplating posting something of the like here, but I will refrain until I know for sure if it’s allowed or not. I haven’t seen anything dictating against the posting of one (though I may have missed it, of course). I’d love to know if it’s possible or not, or undecided as of late.

Since this is still a beta forum, I can’t help but recommend placing consideration towards a “Classifieds” forum to contain these posts.

Halo: Waypoint Forums Improvements Wishlist. Go ahead and take a look at some ideas and do not be discorouaged to give some of your own. As for recruiting and such we dont have a classified section but ive seen people post here and in the multiplayer forums with out being locked or reported so try it.

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Very good, indeed. Thanks.

This is my first time in these forums, though I’ve been a veteran of for quite some time.