Is Reach canon to Halo 4? Also Help.

I’m new to these forums and right now they are just really freakin hard to navigate or find anything. I posted this question about three days ago and I can’t even find it to check if anyone answered my question. I tried clicking my topics but that does nothing, honestly this site is awful compared to bungie’s forums, and I hope the game isn’t the same way. My question was is Reach canon to Halo 4? Because in a trailer or making of video Chief references finding Halsey to fix Cortana but doesn’t Halsey die on Reach? Or even if she escaped wouldn’t she die of old age?

Here’s your prior topic:

In the future, click on your name, click on “view profile” then “last 10 posts” and you’ll see, well, your last 10 posts. :slight_smile: