Is purchasing the Season 1 Premium Pass required in order to continue progressing it in Season 2?

A friend of mine who did not complete all of Season 1’s Battle Pass and had 30 tiers left on it attempted to switch to it once Season 2 went live, however they were only given the option to purchase the Season 1 Premium Pass and no option to equip it. Does this seriously mean that if they want to complete their remaining 30 tiers on the Season 1 pass, they need to spend $10? So, when 343 said the passes don’t expire, they were only referring to Premium Passes? This was never explicitly communicated (or communicated extremely poorly) and leaves an extremely sour taste in my mouth.


I believe that you do need to purchase the S1 BP in order to continue progressing it.

I think it’s fair. I don’t play other F2P service games, but apparently most games get rid of previous seasons completely. It would be a shame if the Mk V were locked away forever.

I guess it’s understandable, I just wish they had been more transparent about the fact that free players can’t obtain previous seasons’ rewards. They made such a huge talking point about passes never expiring I assumed that applied to everyone.

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Fair. They did say that.

The bonus is that if they do purchase the S1 battle pass they automatically get the 70 levels (already earned) of premium items straight away.

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thats actually pretty nice, but yes they did say you had to purchase it to go back and use/unlock things in season 1.