Is or can spartan customization be added to the 'hotlist'?

I love the communication we’re just got but can we hear something about character expression and that they understand how restricted and unenjoyable it is? For a target demographic like me it really does add to the experience and overall enjoyment. For those who couldn’t care less, more power to you but to those like me it adds a deeper layer of immersion into the game and has a direct impact on enjoyment. Not to mention being personally connected to your character is like a hook that keeps people of my demographic personally invested and loyal to the game. I may be insane, but dying in multiplayer can be enjoyable when you’ve customized your spartan to look badass according to your own artistic expression. That being said, I’m possibly waiting months in order to purchase certain armor color combinations and visors just to be satisfied with the look of my spartan. That directly impacts the enjoyability and long-term playability of the game assuming someone is even willing to wait an undetermined amount of time. Not to mention if you missed something in the store you can no longer purchase.

If you look at all of the default armor color coatings and most of the ones in store they all have dirt and general wear and tear on them. Can 343i please make that an option instead of the default? I had to purchase an MCS outfit that you can’t customize just because it looked clean and has the darkest shade of black currently available. Why is there no deep/metallic black option at all in the game outside of paywalls? The best that the in-game content can offer is grey? It’s stuff like this that consumers can see is an obvious manipulation to get them to spend more money. And with all the restrictions like this, it not only restricts the enjoyment of the game but dampens it. I suspect Microsoft is the one’s behind the greedy fingers approach behind a beloved franchise with die-hard fans that have been loyal for around 10 years, but the unfortunate thing is that 343i is taking the fallout and their reputation is being damaged, and for some consumers permanently damaged, as a result. In business, brand reputation is an asset and right now it’s becoming a liability because of the restrictions that are on the game and content being locked behind a paywall like the color black! Brand loyalty is also taking a major hit too. Particularly with the past halo games not feeling like Halo. And that hurts as a fan of halo who’s returned to the franchise for Halo Infinite… 343i did something truly praiseworthy and put the Halo back in Halo and created a fun game that I can literally play for hours (the only thing getting in the way is needing food and toilet breaks)… But with all the basic features from previous Halo games being heavily restricted and locked behind paywalls it makes it hard as a consumer to stay… There are players who have left and won’t come back.

This post was longer than I wanted… sorry (not sorry I love halo). Can 343i please comment on the spartan customization in terms of colors even like how the community has suggested a color wheel for the armor coatings we purchase/unlock? And if I can add something I haven’t seen mentioned in the community yet, can we be given the option to add the wear and tear dirty look to our armor coatings and have the clean sleek new look as the base? And please give us pure black options such as matte or metallic to our armor?

TLDR: Can 343i comment on any plans for spartan customization concerning the large community outcry of the restrictiveness of character expression?


This wasn’t an accident by 343, they planned this “customization.” It was all designed this way on purpose so they could sell more stuff in the store.


I miss the days of red vs blue. The focus was more on gameplay rather than dress up. The people who are hyper focused on the way they look and “expressing themselves” won’t be around long, they’ll leave whenever the next new big thing comes out. 343 will have effectively destroyed Halo at that point. Then they will roll out their swan song, battle royal. R.I.P.

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Seems highly unlikely that we will ever get a major proper customisation while they force this awful system. 343i already made claims about the progression system before launch and they were later found to not be telling the truth. I feel like if 343i did make the changes then they would act like they were always going to do this. If they do this I’m sure people will complain about them wasting money on predatory items but the thing is this awful predatory store has killed my interest for the game so they need to make major changes before Halo goes into further decline. It’s bad enough that 343i lied about the progression system being as good as Reach. :thinking:


I suspect the opposite!
IMHO Microsoft has no funny clue what is happening at 343i.
On the other hand 343i needed something to recoup some of the money poured into 6+ years of “developing” this game. Tell me something that is as easy and as “rewarding” (for 343i) as selling us color sets.
343i needs some “good news” to show so that daddy Spencer keeps the rest of Microsoft away.

I have reached out to Investor Relations multiple times since the release of this game and it appears that there is genuine concern

Nope. If 343 wanted us to have the choice of basic customization, it would have been out at launch.

Before I’d be hopeful that this would change, but… 343 isn’t even addressing the issues that the community has screamed about. They don’t want to address it because it doesn’t concern them.

Sorry but, if you choose to play this, you’re stuck with cores that don’t amount to even CEs method of customization.

Sad but true. It’s like they lied about the progression system and they have ignored these complaints and not apologised and the same goes for the misleading 152 watchdog reward. It’s kind of feels like at the moment they can’t handle any criticism whatsoever.

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Spot on about the criticism - and that they can’t handle it.
It appears some of the posts that are supposedly being “flagged by the community” in fact only got flagged by “insiders”.

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