Is Oddness Afoot in Big Team Battle?

For those of you who hate reading, I apologize in advance. I tend to weave simple things into novels. For those of you who are perfectly fine with it, enjoy!

Since the demise of the Dominion playlist last month, I’ve been trying to fill the void with occupying my need to slaughter the masses like anyone else in Halo 4 by delving into the other playlists for a few games at a time. It wasn’t up until I played around five games or so of Big Team Battle and its variants that I began to notice something a bit…off.

There seemed to be some two-gear game play going on. For the most part, my teammates were rather uncooperative with one another. You know, the usual. Fragging each other over someone taking a vehicle or a weapon that another wanted. That sort of thing. Five minutes into watching the kill feed be dominated by betrayals, the most wonderous thing happened. Save for one or two other players, the entirety of my team lost all form of self-preservation. Teammates threw themselves haphazardly into enemy-occupied territory to get demolished. Again. And again. On the other end of the red-blue spectrum, the other team was doing quite well. No single player was hogging kills, they were coordinated, and they weren’t beating each other to death over a sniper rifle. They would always beat out my team by around 15+ kills or so after the madness was finally put to rest.

The first couple of times this happened, I merely assumed “Oh, maybe I’m getting new players and guests on my team again.” The guest notion often tends to be true, as for whatever reason, I attract guests like a moth to a flame. After looking at the Carnage Reports however, this wasn’t the case. All players in the game were at least 100+ in SR (or whatever it is.), so this wasn’t a case of me catching the noob plague of the century. After the far aforementioned total of five games being played in this playlist, I noticed that the chaos that was my team and the calm, collected hyper-lethal vector club that was the opposing team was a pattern. Game after game, this episode of my team gradually devolving into more effective cannon fodder continued while the other team remained at the top with a flag planted firmly on the accumulated pile of corpses belonging to my team. This is something that has been happening to every game in the BTB playlist I’ve been involved in for the past three days, for the record.

I just recently played another game of BTB with a certain feeling of dread that I would once again have to deal with the endless cycle of my team’s self-destructive tendencies. However, the angels of mercy were upon me this time, as I was part of the coordinated, responsive team this time. As much fun as it was to come out on top for the first time in a while, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for two of the enemy players.

You see, I observe a lot of what goes on in a game as I play. Usually I’ll be distracted by a dead player’s Spartan resurrecting and doing the Jive or expressing the horror of low-poly models missing their high resolution textures. This time, I noticed that the enemy team was experiencing what I had to go through for the past few days. The aforementioned couple of Spartans that were holding their own were victims of suicidal tendencies from their comrades, random betrayals, and getting blown up on one occasion when one of their “friends” insisted on being worn like a hat.

I’m making a quick assumption based off this one game that this isn’t just an event that’s happening to me. It could be argued that I’m not doing my part on the team and I’m getting killed just as often. That’s probably true at some points during a game. My effectiveness in battle comes and goes as it pleases, and I am known to my friends as an Assist Goddess. 10,000 Assists is a RIDICULOUS number, let me tell you. I’m nearly there. My randomized failure as a Spartan is taken into account as I write this, but as you have read, this is only a slight bump in what has been going on.

I am a rather sane person, or so I like to believe myself to be. I don’t openly betray people unless I feel that they have deserved it for being a goober. I know when I should hide behind a rock, tree, tall bush, or another player to avoid certain death for another five seconds. My teammates during this…whatever it is that I’ve been experiencing, seem to have no problem doing the reverse of what I practice in gaming on Halo. Betraying a teammate just because you don’t like that smug look on his face? Check. Believing that constantly walking into a room chock-full of rocket-toting Spartans is a plan for success? Check. And another anomaly I’ve forgotten to mention: Dragging Banshees across the ground while operating them to only clip through said floor and the surrounding walls a second later via barrel-roll? Without there being any lag in the game? Check. Yeah, that actually happened so often across so many games that I’m listing it here. That should NEVER happen more than one time. And I’ve seen some weird things in Halo before, let me tell you.

So, after that long-winded explanation of my teammates exhibiting rather odd behavior out of the blue (By the by, all of this sporadically happened. After a ‘normal’ game of BTB earlier this week, all this madness started.), what do you guys think about this? Have any of you experienced something similar? Or am I just losing my mind and seeing things because my deprivation of Dominion is driving me insane?

It is interesting… in capture the flag on big team, teams play very well none of the BS but once it is slayer everyone loses their minds.

Had the most defensive game on Ragnarok the other day, The opposite team used DRM’s and snipers and stayed on one side of the map. In response our team totally went into our shells so no one made an attacking move until the very end where we lost by 1 kill in the last few seconds. It was a break from the usual madness!!

From my experiences of venturing into BTB it’s sadly ‘normal’ behaviour rather then ‘odd’ behaviour.

I think the only way to avoid such things is to search in a party but I never do that, I always search as a random, hence why I probably encounter such things more often and view it as ‘normal’ behaviour.

I always try and do my level best, but I think some people view all the playlists in Halo 4 as ‘social’ playlists in which to relax and mess around in (the same as it was in Reach actually) since there isn’t a ‘ranked’ set of playlists anymore (ignoring the CSR on here which I don’t even look at).

Exactly why I don’t play Big Team. Whereas having bad (not unskilled, but just plain bad) teammates happens in all playlists, it happens in Big Team the most by far. Big Team is also the most populated playlist, which leads me to the conclusion that a large portion of the Halo 4 players are bad. I almost consider them to be the Average Halo 4 Player™.

Yup. That sounds about right. In fact, I have actually noticed that the average skill of most SR 130s has significantly decreased in the past couple of months. In addition to that, I have actually stopped caring about whether my team wins or loses, and just focus on kills.

I’ve had this happen in all gametypes, not just BTB. My friends and I coordinate (usually just the two of us), and the rest are just a bunch of dinguses, and wonder why they get rolled.

Most unfortunate.

I usually do fairly well in BTB, despite the antics of my team.
If we work well, we can usually win a game by a large margin.
If we do poorly, we can still win, though by a very close match.
But, if we do poorly on Longbow, we become decimated. Because everyone wants the tank, betrayals happen over the rocket launcher, and the entire enemy team sits and snipes away. I end up carrying my team to a loss of 300 some to the enemy score 1000. Longbow is kryptonite to my team. Sadly, it is normal behavior.

Soon after this topic was made, I decided to try out BTB a few more times to see if the pattern continued. It did, and yes, Longbow, for whatever reason, seems to be where most of the intentional friendly fire and need for throwing oneself into an oncoming vehicle happens. The reason being power weapons or vehicles doesn’t seem to affect this for me as of late, though. My ‘friendlies’ are merely content with slapping Plasma 'Nades onto one another’s face rather than arguing over who gets to drive the tank or who wants the beam rifle to get some ‘sick 360 no-scopes’ or whatever it is that the kiddies call it.

And once again to previous comments, yes, I have also noticed that this behavior extends beyond BTB and into other playlists. However, it remains more prevalent in the former due to the high population count in comparison to other playlists. It is also because of this that Team Slayer tends to have some rather derpy players running about, eager to join your game, in-progress or not.

I’m probably going to invite some friends (If they can take a break from GTAV at some point in their oh-so busy lives) to join me in a few more games in BTB to see if their presence changes anything. Wish me luck.

Laughing my posterior off!, I never seem to get tired of these threads detailing the antics of “Big Team”. That was quite an amusing read OP.

Seriously, though all that and more are very normal in the “Big Team” playlist.

Haha, maybe I’ve just been avoiding all this silliness out of sheer luck. If that’s the case in my particular situation, I really hope that dumb luck comes back soon. I just got out of a game in BTB not too long ago, and my god, what a game it was. I’m not going to write a short story about it as I did with the OP, but I will give a summary:

Joined an in-progress game. Half of the team left within moments of me joining. Teammates continued to disconnect until two of us were left. After a blackscreen, I was the only one left to combat two Mantises, two Banshees, two Snipers, and two Ghosts. 1-v-8. Mother of God. I didn’t win of course, but I sure as hell had more fun than I have ever had in BTB as of late, and I didn’t go down several times without a fight.

Goes to prove that as much as this ridiculous behavior of suicidal teams can drive me to frustration, I still manage to find something enjoyable.

I am getting really sick of the amount of deliberate betrayals in btb. It seems to be on the increase. i guess that is one of the pitfalls of me playing on random teams. Doing the avoid player review is a waste of time, I seem to encounter the same morons game after game.
I really think their should be some form of penalty for moronic behaviour. Some of us play the game to try to win, others just seem to enjoy destroying team vehicles, and generally ruining the game for others.
There, I’ve got that off my chest. Or at least until next game, when the same stupidity will occur again.

I have been having the same problems too. I almost NEVER match up with a decent, coordinated team. This has been going on for as long as I have been playing Halo online (Halo 2). It gets very irritating. I haven’t played Halo 4 for quite some time now, lately have been on 3 and Reach. It’s been the same thing in those games as well. The only way I can be sure to have an effective team is to get at least 3 or 4 other people with me. Which is challenging these days, where COD rules Xbox Live. So it seems I will forever be stuck playing with derpy randoms, unless Halo ever returns to it’s former glory.

Welcome to Infinity Spartan, i’ll be kickin’ butt on Reach. Anyone feel free to join.

But that was funny lol