Is new DLC free with season pass?

Hello I’m curious at to whether the new DLC is free with the season pass or whether that was only for the first 3 map packs? Or if only the new maps are free with the season pass and will have to purchase the new armor and new weapon skins?

I’m afraid not, the DLC Pass was for the Crimson, Majestic, and Castle Map Packs only. In fact, the DLC Pass was the source of the 30 extra dollars people paid for in the Limited Edition.

Just to clarify, you never bought a Season Pass, you bought a War Games Map Pass which entitled you to download the Crimson, Majestic & Castle Map Packs for free.

They said when they announced it that the new maps would not be part of the Map Pass.

No, The 4th Pack isn’t free nor was the first 3, You just paid for the first three in advance. If we were to get the 4th pack free it would have made the Map Pass 2400 MSP and it would have stated 4 DLC packs instead of only 3. (Crimson, Majestic, and Castle)

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My bad.

well if they are charging for it i’m sure as hell not paying for it! multiplayer is incredibly laggy and broken as far as i can tell, they should work on fixing that before adding more crap to a game that only a handful of people still seem to be playing anyways