Is Mythic Warzone Pack worth it?

Hello fellow gamers, brothers and sisters from Halo 5, this is WolflyPolo here, and today I saw the notificacion pop up for 2 new Warzone packs, both with a cost of 80k PS. My primary question here is, it is really worth it? Those of you who have already bought it. 'Cause the big thing about getting a permament rare unlock seems good for me. I mean, I really want to get a Halo 2 Rifle, or Halo CE Pistol, do you think I should be able to get one here or, just completely forget about it, and keep trying with the normal but good, gold packs?

Thanks for your time, your wolf friend


I buyed two packs with real money and I didn’t get the Halo CE pistol or Halo 2 BR or SPNKR rocket launcher that I want so bad, instead I get -Yoinking!- ultra rare Hydra and Binary Rifle

It is still based on chance so if you don’t have many ultra rare certifications you will probably get an ultra rare. I opened about 6 of them last time because I have all reqs and it gave me a tonne of mythic cardsh