Is my playing style an anomaly? Prehaps illigal?

When I play M&K it strains my left hand as my fingers are quite long. This also pertains to my right hand while playing controller. I have developed a way of playing the Infinite beta that has allowed me to play in a way that is ergonomically fit for me. I play “Bumper jumper” in my left hand on game pad and moved all of my controls from my right hand (except action) over to my mouse. I was astounded at the amazing comfort and control this gives me while playing. I then revisited MCC I was appalled to find out that this isn’t even possible. This issue may become apparent for me in Infinite too, as some ranked playlists separate input methods. I imagine if I were to try this, the game would then act like MCC and not allow me to control both. Would I be free to play this way if cross play is enabled? I haven’t tried ranked in the infinite beta as I am still trying to build my play style. I am an anomaly, a hybrid player. Tell me noble hierarch, what would you have your hybrid player do? With the mouse being an accepted way to aim, and the game pad left stick being an accepted way to move… is introducing a hybrid play or at least classifying it as M&K a plausible idea? I am very sad I can’t play MCC this way and am looking forward to a fruitful discussion. In my opinion what I’m doing right now in quick-play ECT is not cheating but just quite clever.

Sounds like it could easily be seen as an accessibility issue and could be raised with support in some way. Also kudos on your approach.

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Thanks Parasite!

My goal here is to hopefully get some developer attention.

Here is my answer from my halo support ticket

We don’t really have control over the changes directly in the game here from our end at Halo Support, but we hear you and we thank you for your feedback. In 2020, over 640 bugs submitted by the Halo Community were fixed by our developers in Halo: The Master Chief Collection alone. They made over 40,000 codebase revisions while completing features.

If you want to chat with other players and discuss your feedback further, go to the Halo Waypoint forums and join the community there. The team asks for feedback in dedicated threads regularly and that information is shared with developers.

I’m my opinion what you are doing is perfectly acceptable but I would class your input method as Mouse & Keyboard.

I think the advantage of mouse is that it is quicker to aim given the player a huge advantage of controller.

It is very interesting to hear how you have used this method as I can’t play M&K because of the left hand using AWSD but I would like to try your method to see how it works.

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Definitely not cheating, I use a modified bumper jumper as well so I can aim while meleeing which isn’t possible with standard controls. Its nothing more embarrassing or funny than when someone commits to a melee and you move to left and get a free back smack because they can’t turn fast lol

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I appreciate your input and agree this method should be classed as M&K purely based on the method of aiming. Lets call it the “Excavator method” for fun. Once I am able to post pictures and videos here on the forum I would love to show you an example. Eliminating WASD does in fact reduce strain on the left hand and allows for more fluidity when it comes to player movement. My real fear is come Alpha (Dec 8), Infinite will begin to act like MCC and dictate you choosing between one or the other. Please do plug in your controller, move with the left stick and give your mouse a flick! My ROG Gladius II mouse allowed me to accommodate loosing RS game pad.

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My best friend is committed to default controls and low sens! You should have seen me flick him out the other day and give him a little double head bop. :grin: Thanks for you input! Once developers see all this feedback I hope there will be an effort to accommodate us who think outside the box! :nerd_face:

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