Is MP "launching" in this state?

there is a deeply worrying lack of modes and features in the game right now. no infection, no assault, no SWAT, no action sack, no file browser, no custom game server list and of course, no forge.

i’m aware the game is labeled “beta” but with the first season already in full swing and all progress carrying over into launch, its safe to say MP has officially started. anyone else afraid players are going to get bored of it before 343i makes any meaningful additions?


Idk, but I hope this isn’t the final product . It has so many things to improve

Yeah I am kinda freaking concerned about that too, introduced my friend who never played halo to this game and luckily he’s liking it but I rather show him the “real” halo multiplayer experience and so we need many more modes, especially infection.

I really hope Multiplayer isn’t going to be just two modes… because big team battle and 4v4 is very little compared to older halo titles at launch.

This apparently is all there is to offer the 8th will give us little to nothing