Is MM for warzone broken?

I’m a big warzone fan but just noticing it more lately that as the game has gotten older, the warzone games have almost always been one sided which is usually decided VERY early on. I don’t think it has anything to do with the boss and all that its just pure player skill. Sometimes I feel like I’m paired up against people who are just impossible to lose to, and other times impossible to win against. Its all in the scoreboards is where its mostly noticeable.

I’m wondering is there any real matchmaking for warzone or would it be just like a “social” playlist where its just random?

And please, don’t tell me to just play Arena, I cant stand that garbage. Its just as bad with this.

Secondly, assists need to give more req xp. ive had plenty of games where all my kills get stolen and I get left in the dust cause I cant keep up cause assists give crap for req xp.

You should just play arena then. No haha I’m just joking, but ya warzone is like that usually whoever wins is decided in the first 4 minutes but there are those occasional games where I play and one team barely wins and its neck and neck. Those are the best games…

Not really, I’ve seen a lot of games where the score is really close. As well as a lot of impressive comebacks.

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> Not really, I’ve seen a lot of games where the score is really close. As well as a lot of comebacks.

I do to but in my experience as of late, it ends in 10 minutes with a core destruction usually UNLESS on apex 7 and I’m so sick of that map. I love A.R.C. but I never see it :C

Games -Yoink-, that’s your answer

Just the luck of the draw, or lack thereof. Maybe more people are partying up too, even a party of 3-4 can form a strong core for a team.

In a lot of matches I’ve played recently, the score has been really close (like 800-750) and the final boss has decided who won. I’ve also played matches where the victor has been decided really early on. I played a match on Raid on Apex 7 recently and my team managed to destroy the enemy power core within the first 6 minutes. Good teammates will decide whether you win or lose, no matter how well you as an individual play.