Is MCC worth it?

I’m really thinking about getting it, but i’m still on the fence about getting it. Is there anything added that would make it worth it, or is it just a graphics upgrade? Any feedback would be appreciated.

Given the numerous threads in here regarding how many bugs and glitches this game STILL has, even almost a year after its release, I say skip it. 343 doesn’t seem to give a -Yoink- about this game, and are only focusing on Halo 5 at this point (when instead they should be focusing on both).

It’s a shame, really. I love the idea of re-releasing the first four games (five if you count ODST) on Xbox One, but having to cram four to five games on one disc is bound to cause at least a few technical problems. What 343 should have done (and they even mentioned this somewhere, I can’t remember ATM) is release the games on separate discs. Yeah, it may feel a tad redundant having two physical copies of the same game on two Xbox consoles, but honestly I think it would have worked out a lot better.

That and I wouldn’t have to resort to finding someone who’s willing to copy their save data of Halo 2 that has the Blastacular map pack. Some of us kinda missed out on Halo 2’s DLC. :frowning:

its not 100% fix but its work ok for me!!

Get the MCC just for the chance to play all 4 Halo games on the Xbox One 60 fps. It is amazing to play them back to back and see how far the series has come. Also by now most bugs have been patched.

Thanks for the feedback guys, I think i’ll get it for the holidays.