Is MCC season pass progression intended?

So I started getting into MCC recently, I’m a pretty late adopter. I got to rank 100, which meant that I stopped unlocking credits when I rank up, and now the only way I can earn them is through weekly challenges and the tactical exercises.
The problem is, they’re severely limited in number, which caps my progress. I did the math on how long it would take to unlock all of the seasons., and it’s kind of insane.

Assuming a player reached rank 100 and is no longer earning credits from rank ups:
Each week there are 12 gold challenges that reward 1 credit. There are 5 tactical exercises per month that reward 2 credits. This means that per month, the maximum number of credits a player can earn (if they complete all challenges without fail) is 58.

There are 8 seasons, and each season has 100 levels, which means that the minimum amount of time required to complete all 8 seasons is 14 months. That’s almost one and a half YEARS of completing every challenge and tactical exercise without missing any. If you miss some, or are unable to complete them, this figure only increases.
If we assume a given player has earned 100 credits from the rank-up system, and reduce the target to 7 seasons, that’s still 12 months, so an entire year without missing any challenges.

So I have to ask, is this intended? Why do we stop earning credits from rank-ups when there are many more ranks to progress through? Why are there no daily challenges? Why is the progress capped so slow?
I’ve heard rumors that 343 might be adding MTX to the MCC as a way to let people purchase credits, but this is a bandaid solution to a problem that has been deliberately created. It honestly makes me not want to bother grinding because it’s so insurmountable.

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Welcome to the party. Please have fun.

Season 3 needs 61 points, season 4 needs 50 so kinda 6 seasons with only challenges.
BUT, there’s the exchange with items not only timed exclusive from previous seasons but items made for it (orion armor for example) at least you need 150 points.

Has to be intended, people wanted to unlock things again for Reach and not given away like the other games on the collection. 100 tiers, 100 points leveling up, why more? I think that’s the reason for the cap.
Then they gave us more seasons when Halo 3 came to PC with items for CE never before in the game officially, 343’s solution was challenges, 10 gold ones.

When the exchange was up, 12 gold ones now. Here’s the thing with it, notice how every season passes, less items per tier, season 1 had 3 items sometimes in 1 tier, season 4 had 2 items, season 8 has only 1 item for every tier which I don’t understand (same helmet for 3 and reach but in separate tiers) and more of those were thrown to the Exchange just to spend more points, and now they are “looking” at the option to sell it.

So yeah, intended it is until proven innocent.


When make this in 2019 with Reach. Was OK. I mean you bought the game and paly that time, you easily level up 100 ranks and unlock the 100 tier season/battle pass. Actually later they added weekly then seasonal challenges and unlocks. Certain item only available through beating the actual seasonal challenge, if you miss it… later that’s the reason Exchange game alive.
You’re counting a perfect. I play since 2020 July and actually needed 1 and half year to unlock everything. Except the reason for that 1, not have enough points 2, they didn’t actually release those contents. I guess never think of new players who feel they late from the party.
So my 2 years playtime I actually managed to unlock almost everything, except 3 items if my count correct (which I guess never use it) and had more then 300 points. So… they forget about the veteran players to. Who earned everything, unlocked everything and now (if they do weeklies) just have an insane amount of points nowhere to spend it.

So possibly players with lots of points and players who like to spend it, but hard to earn. Maybe somehow they invent that sorta trading in Exchange?

Im approaching 500. But, I’m happy if they give newer players more / reduce the amount of points items in the exchange cost.