Is Jorge would be proud challenge bugged or am i not doing it right?

the weekly challenge Jorge would be proud requires me to kill with a m247 HMG, now since the only variant of the chaingun i’ve seen is in the warthog i’d assume that’s what it means, but whenever i get a kill with the hog turret it doesn’t count, is it bugged or is there another gun i’m missing?

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It’s definitely bugged. I’ve gotten a kill with the warthog turret, stationary turret, and detached turret and it still hasn’t been completed.

Nah, that’s the stationary turret it’sasking you to do I believe. I know there’s one near the first flag on Fragmentation. There’s also some on High Power I believe, but I’m not sure where

No, it hasn’t unlocked for me when I’ve gotten kills with all variations of the turret.

Seems to be bugged for me, I’ve gotten many kills with detached turret, a couple with stationary, and some with warthhog turret.
It won’t track at all

some quests were bugged on the first few days after release, especially the ones requiring kills. i highly doubt you have the quest now after the reset, but hopefully this answer should bring you some peace of mind

Mine worked with a warthog turret I entered after an enemy left their Warthog in a One Flag 4v4. Might be a bit specific. But it worked as intended. Saw others having problems with kill X with mangler/shotgun but not me.

Unfortunately kill challenges are still bugged.
Had a mangler one for days. Got one kill, didn’t complete.