Is it true?

Did bungie really quit reseting afkers in firefight? I know they still ban them but without them getting reset I don’t think they will learn the lesson.

its an automated system now

> its an automated system now

Yeah I know that, I was just wondering if FF afkers get reset any more.

Savi0r Soul got reset… :smiley:

(1st “technical” Inheritor)

I never really understood why people AFK in FF. Well, I know why, it’s to get the cR. What I don’t get is why the cR and rank is important to people at all. It really doesn’t signify anything other than how much time you spend playing the game. It’s no measure of skill or talent, high rank doesn’t make you special. All it really does is give you more costume options for Spartan Dolly Dress-Up Time.

That said, I do like earning cR when I play Reach, it’s nice as an incentive to do challenges and it’s always a good feeling when you finally get the cR to buy that piece of gear you’ve been waiting for. When you AFK you ruin all that, there’s no sense of accomplishment, and you’ve lost a goal to work for. It’s senseless, you’re taking a fun factor out of the game.