Is It Time To Move On From Halo

I think a lot of people in the community have been asking themselves this for a long time coming and probably more have decided either recently or long ago that they felt though there’s no place within the halo franchise for them anymore, I don’t want to make anyones mind up for them but you have to ask yourself the hard questions if you’re to move forward with anything in life and the halo Franchise is no exception. Looking at the most recent addition to the story and multiplayer halo infinite falls flat on its face at launch with its cliffhanger story, it’s bugged multiplayer/ flawed crossplay matching system and then there’s the missing game modes and features. I already asked you if you feel it’s time to move on from halo but this problem in particular lies at the core of gaming today, are you okay with paying for a finished game when you have to wait years for the product you’ve been advertised and sold to resemble anything semi finished? The truth is that’s a rhetorical question, if you buy the most recent title of any AAA game you have decided that you’re fine with this route developers are forced to take, I say forced because ultimately a XYZ year plan for a game especially a franchise like halo isn’t decided by the developers it’s in halo’s case Microsoft’s say that goes. So then you see halo infinite has no fixed price tag and think maybe it’s a different case but it isn’t, they’ve forgone they’re payed model in an attempt to make more then that fixed $60 you would’ve payed otherwise. I can only imagine Microsoft Heads have told 343i that if they don’t make back some amount from in game micro transactions then the game essentially ends its ten year plan before it even gets past its second-third. Is halo infinite worth $60 is a hard question to answer but I will attempt it, the multiplayer sandbox is fun actually the most fun in the franchise’s history, but as stated before it is missing so many core features and those that remain have been neutered in order to make money off of them ( coatings, armor, attachments, emblems, ai ) a lot right? Okay how about the campaign, wile this time around the halo story has a clear and coherent story the blunt truth is that it’s also been neutered so that future expansions can be implemented. Now only time will tell what those content drops bring fourth but if halo infinites main story is to set the bar for lowest standards then the game’s future is in pretty good shape, inversely if the campaign is the highest quality and we’re not to expect anything more grand then that, we’re looking at a bleak at best future. All in all the game as a whole package is in my opinion worth $45 in content putting price tags on experiences is a hard game to play but for the amount of missing game surly brings whatever you’d value your experiences down a lot. “Expect disappointment and you’ll never be disappointed” Spider-Man tough is that. If you’re contempt with waiting for halo infinite to be a full game ripe with rich experiences and a mode for every conceivable gameplay loop then no it’s not time to move on, if you’re in the boat of wanting this game to succeed for years to come then show your support with your wallet and drop $40 on the game in one way or another but for your vote to matter game pass doesn’t cover that, you need to either buy the game or spend your money on in game currency. That’s the only way Microsoft sees this game will still make money in the prolonged future. If you’re not sure and just want to see what comes of the game spend your money on game pass and play the campaign through that multiplayer is already free to download, and finally if you say no you are not okay with waiting on the game it should have everything previous games had at launch and then some well then you know where you stand with the game it’s likely these people have already uninstalled the game. But to those people know this is the norm of todays gaming landscape and it only goes downhill from here, I would say waiting and coming back to a completely different game in ten years isn’t worth missing out on the experiences but it is because the reality is none of us are respected by Microsoft or 343i paying customer or not your all the same to them, potential revenue.

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