Is it somehow possible bringing bungie back?

What was the reasson bungie left? Imagine a new halo from bungie

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Bungie original sold themselves to Microsoft because they were running out of funds to make Halo. Then Bungie wanted to be done with Halo after Halo 2 but had a contractual obligation to make more games. They had been wanting to make Destiny for awhile and once they finished Reach they bought themselves back from Microsoft.

Now Sony owns them so on top of not wanting to make Halo anymore they are owned by a competitor. Personally I didn’t care for Reach too much and i know that sentiment has been more positive now then when the game released. It had a lot of issues that people just overlook now because in comparison to H4 and H5 it wasn’t as bad.

So i don’t think Bungie would be able to come back even if they wanted to which they don’t.


Bungie did not want to continue working on Halo. They wanted to work on something else. Microsoft effectively would not let them separate themselves from MS with Halo, so to separate they made a deal with MS - sell Halo and they could do what they wanted.

They even made a literal declaration of independence.

Bungie is not coming back, and never will, and never could. Of all the Halo fan pipe dreams, this is THE #1 biggest. Stop chasing it, collectively. It isn’t happening.


They wanted to be their own boss work on their own projects, but as you can see it didn’t ended as they planned.
Many people in Halo Bungie kept working on Halo in 343, but since Halo 4 launch, those old devs have been leaving 343i. I think there is still like 2 or 3 OGs working in 343.
Others moved with Bungie to work in Destiny.
¿A new halo from TODAY Bungie? No thanks. It would look a lot like Infinite. Or a mix between Infinite and Destiny 2.

The good ol’ bungie we all know and love died a long time ago, time to move on.


Most Bungie developers who have their name on halopedia had left. You can see the title “halo senior statesman” in many development team.I think Bungie itself as been changed.

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The Bungie that exists today is not the same group of people that were there during the Halo years. There are certainly problems going on today under 343i, but I would not want to see Halo in the hands of modern day Bungie.


Bungie wanted out after CE, Microsoft had them contractually obligated for 5 games.

Would be interesting, but from a “New” Bungie perspective so not interesting in a positive way.

Regardless it won’t ever happen.