Is it really that "skillful?"

I’m sorry, but I don’t think the Magnum takes all that much skill to use. After putting quite a bit of time into H5 and being outstandingly stubborn on using the AR, I’ve found that anywhere outside melee range, the AR is dominated relentlessly.

Let’s look at the checklist for the AR to win.

  • Must be within optimal range - Must land exactly half its clip to achieve the kill - Requires large amounts of movement to dodge fire - Requires reload after one killLet’s look at the Magnum’s.

  • Land less than half of magazine to kill (5/12). - Headshots - Some movementAs someone who tries to be fair, I’ve come to the conclusion Gametheory style the best I can. The Magnum is called the “most difficult weapon to use in the game” but there’s a problem with that: You’re saying that at least half of every lobby is “highly skilled?” Um. Um. Halo must not be a very difficult game if more than half, more like three-fourths, of all players I see qualify as “highly skilled.” When I’m having a bad match and I get frustrated, I switch to the Magnum, I don’t find putting that tiny reticule on someone’s head all that difficult. What bugs me the most is how Magnum users have the most snobbish attitude towards those of us who use the AR. But is the AR really that easy to use? The AR has a skill-roof on it. I can only get so good because at the end of the day, my headshots don’t matter until shield pop, and even when I do land my reticule on a target, I’m not garunteed to even get credit. That’s what makes the Magnum so easy to use, you’re garunteed to do damage that actually matters.
    The Magnum and the AR have switched places. The reason the assault rifle is the primary weapon of every military on earth since the Nazis field the STG 44 Sturmgewehr in 1944 is because it’s aaaa… (wait for it)… utility weapon that is kills at close range like the SMG but also can land shots at long range like a rifle. While the modern pistol is a weapon of last resort that is mean to kill quickly at close range when you’re out of ammo for your AR. Also sound familiar? Halo fans are scared to death of change. Halo fans will be the hardest on CoD for not changing, but in the same day will give birth to an elk if there is any learning curve introduced whatsoever in Halo. I remember before the release of Guardians (when I still had hopes for a good story) that the community freaked out over the new movement. Before that it was one thing or another but the matter of fact is that the vocal Halo community on Waypoint wants Halo to be an exclusive club, shunning away everyone fool who isn’t good enough to use the Magnum. I’m sorry guys, I don’t find using the same gun only because it wins enjoyable. Halo is not going to grow when it’s geared exclusively to an often immature establishment that dwindles naturally.I want Halo to be as or more popular than Star Wars, but with Guardian’s campaign and a Multiplayer functions like a 15 year old game doesn’t scream future guys. Reach is one of the most well liked Halo games outside the community establishment because it was a military game and precisions didn’t dominate. The number one complaint about the AR is bullet spamming. But is it really that different from the Magnum? I don’t think you guys are planning every shot, you point the gun in the general direction and pull the trigger a bunch. In Reach, bloom forced you to plan your shots which required skill. That’s what you guys want, right? Wrong! You guys despised Reach. Wasn’t so fun when the precisions bloomed like the AR, huh? I think you guys need to rethink exactly how good you guy are, and how prideful a lot of you are in regard to this, especially after demanding a feature that required more skill and balanced gameplay be removed.

I just wanted to let you know that you need to watch your back wherever you go. What I like to call the ‘precision weapon master race’ is out to get you.

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> I just wanted to let you know that you need to watch your back wherever you go. What I like to call the ‘precision weapon master race’ is out to get you.

There’s actually people I agree with about gameplay mechanics on Waypoint. Wow.

Least the ARs actually USEFUL this time around, unlike in most games where it was thrown away as soon as you could.

it depends on what your use to. most of the time it doesnt take as much skill as some think it does to kill off a few guys with a pistol but some people will be dodging every shot and land every round in your left eye, point being there are some people out there that have real skill.

I do agree with you, some people get a couple of kills with the magnum and claim themselves to be skilled… But actually it’s not that tough to do