Is it really that hard to make challenges that don't suck?

Seriously, it shouldn’t be anywhere near hard to strike a balance between specific objectives and gametype flexibility.

Get 5/10/15 Headshots
Get 1/3/5 Multikill Medals (getting a triple counts both medals, getting a Killtac counts all 4 etc)
Get 2/5/10 Objective medals (any objective mode medal from any gametype, sprees are considered objective medals in Slayer)
Get 1/3/5 Kills with ANY vehicle
Get 5/10/15 Kills with ANY CQC weapon (Sword, Heatwave, Hammer, Bulldog, Melee)
Get 5/10/15 kills with ANY explosive weapon (Rockets, Cindershot, Hydra, Needler)
Get 5/10/15 Kills with ANY Rifle weapon (Assault Rifle, BR, Commando, Stalker, Sniper, Pulse Carbine, Shock Rifle, Sentinel Beam)
Get 5/10/15 kills with ANY Sidearm weapon (Sidekick, Mangler, Plasma Pistol, Disruptor)
Get 5/10/15 kills with ANY UNSC weapon or vehicle
Get 5/10/15 kills with ANY Banished weapon or vehicle
Get 1/3/5 Kills with ANY Grenade
Get 2/5/10 Assist, bonus progress for assist based medals (guardian angel, wheelman etc)
Get 2000/5000/10000 cumulative score in ANY playlist
Complete 1/2/3 matches in ANY playlist with a positive K/D

The key word here is ANY. With a few exceptions (vehicles), these challenges should be completable in any gametype and most playlists and you should nearly always be able to work on all 4 of your challenges in a given gametype.

No challenge should funnel you into one specific mode or force you to use one specific weapon, or vehicle, or to do one very specific thing several times like assassinations.


I like the way you think

I think I got lucky this week cause all my challenges are pretty easy and only one forces me to play Fiesta and FFA (and none for Tactical Slayer). So I can just focus mostly on playing for most part.

One suggestion would be instead of “positive K/D” do “positive (K+A)/D”, otherwise leave it out. You’d be surprised how difficult it is to go positive for some players. I don’t like how they are sometimes skill-based, but at the same time, I like how that one encourages players to help their team by assisting and staying alive.

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The any playlist part is key. Sure that means that some people will only do bot bootcamp to complete the challenges (like me), but who really cares? It would just mean that I can then go into other playlists and play while not having to worry about challenges. I feel it benefits all.


The challenges are much more enjoyable now than they were before (at least in my opinion). They were far worse at the start of the game’s life cycle.

I love this. Reminds me of the more natural challenges in MCC that just happen because they’re based around the way the game is meant to be played. Not the other way around like in Infinite where the game exists only for the challenges.

These are the best challenges I’ve seen yet

I could get on board with pretty much all of these. Thanks for the suggestions and not just ranting about how you hate a certain challenge.

Looked at the list again. I miss Pineapple Party from MCC. There’s a lot of satisfaction in seeing those grenade kills rack up. Infinite doesn’t even track that anymore.

I honestly don’t know why we’re back to the special even challenges BS. I mean we had a Just play any game once a day challenge system with the winter event. I played more then than I do no because I wasn’t forced to play x Game Mode AND do another step (Kills with blank, Assists, Melee’s etc) The game was so much better being able to play whatever and get the same progress

Yeah these are pretty much MCC/Reach challenges I think?

The biggest issue is just that challenges block progression and they’re the only real source of “exp” for the unlocks and they block the ultimate award in a game that already has very small amounts of customization with a substantial amount being locked behind a paid Fomo system.

Well, as it stands now tier 2 and 3 challenges can only be completed in PVP, which I think aught to stick around.

I also saw the response about KA/D and agree, since that’s what the scoreboard tracks as well it makes it easy to see if your match will count towards it.

There are other stats from the scoreboard that could be converted into challenges as well, stuff like dealing cumulative damage in matches, completing matches with at least a 40% accuracy rating etc.