Is it probable that Brutes be added to the game?

As I understand it we are due a 3rd and final major update. It seems like 343i has abandoned them almost out of principle for recent Halo FPSs. Adding in a Brute WZ map/s with Brute A.I.s and Brute weapons would be a pretty big deal I think. Its certainly what I hope to have for Halo 5 soon. I play the game a ton but I don’t follow the news all that closely. Is this a just a fantasy? Or do you guys think this could actually happen? With Halo 3’s 10 year Anniversary coming up this kind of update could be useful I think. Bring the Brute Shot back for multiplayer and make a Halo 3 playlist with Forged recreations of classic maps. And incidentally I think with Halo Wars 2 adding in Banished DLC soon and Killer Instinct possibly adding Atriox to their game it would just make for a cool wave of news for Halo.

What do you guys think the chances of something like this happening are? Would you even want anything like this?

Would I want it? Absolutely!

Is it realistic? Eh… my first instinct is to say no, they’d have to come up with a whole new batch of character models and behavior coding for a whole new class of enemies. This late in Halo 5’s life it seems unlikely. BUT, if I think about it a little further, they had to do that with the Grunt Mech and it still happened. So I suppose anything’s possible.

Yeah, The Goblin or Gremlin Grunt Mech. I was thnking about that too. It would just be a couple Brute models. They use Grunts and Jackals and Hunters all the same.

I think it’s just as probable as Promethean enemies being patched into H2.

So no, I don’t see this happening. Hopefully I’m wrong! Brutes are fun.

Are we due another major update? I saw in other threads that some were talking as if one was promised us. The last one, Monitor’s Bounty I think it was called, was the second and I read we were due 3 in the forums.

I don’t think the future update(s) is/are going to introduce anything near the caliber of a completely new enemy species.

Adding Brutes means they have to create the models for them, voice acting for them, AI capabilities, and spawn placement, because they’re all new enemies. Then there’s balancing.

Bascially, highly unlikely for Halo 5.

I think it’s very likely we’ll see Brutes in campaign and Firefight in Halo 6, no doubt, especially with the introduction of the Banished in Halo Wars 2… but no, they’re not going to add that to 5 at this point. Too much work for where they’re at with the game now.

They have to do a lot to add Brutes in, not likely for Halo 5

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But are we getting a 3rd update?

What should one expect?

Or am I wrong about expecting a big and final 3rd update?

Remember that time we genuinely believed no new enemies could be added? That it’d be too much work?

Then the Goblin came along and turned that notion on its head.

Anything’s possible, Spartans.

Don’t worry, if Atriox is in Halo 6, there are Brutes. They better >:)

I doubt it. Would be happy with a new map or two.

I think it wouldn’t be hard for them justify the Brute weapons in an update, the brutes themselves might be a different story where Halo 5 is concerned, as it would be much more likely that they would be in Halo 6 if there is any intention to re-introduce them at all.

The weapons would not require much work if the effects/projectiles for them still exist somewhere within the game’s code. The same could be true for the vehicles depending on whether or not they want to put forth the effort towards bringing them up to date for Halo 5.

Frankly, it also depends on how much more work they can justify where Halo 5 is concerned. At this point, I’d wager that Halo 6 is in active development (or about ready to be there). Content can get harder to justify as time goes on and when the studio inevitably shifts their focus. But who knows, maybe 343 will surprise us with something. Halo 3’s anniversary is this year, and if they’re not going to remaster it, a update surrounding it would be nice.

They probably wont be added to H5 Since 343 will probably only make like 1 or 2 more content updates since they want to focus on Halo 6. But i’m confident they’ll be in Halo 6

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> But are we getting a 3rd update?
> What should one expect?
> Or am I wrong about expecting a big and final 3rd update?

Probably Brute/Banished weapons and vehicles, but no Brutes.

I highly doubt it at this point in the games lifespan.

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> I highly doubt it at this point in the games lifespan.

The lifespan of H5 is a good argument why something like this might happen. No Halo is coming out this year as I understand it. The game will be a wasteland if they don’t update it with some good goodies.

Brutes in Halo 5? I’m gonna say no.

Brutes in Halo 6? I can absolutely see that happening, especially with the Banished being present on the Ark. (I’m theorizing we’ll either go to the Ark again, or at the very least fight on Installation 04C.)