Is it possible...?

Is it possible to get worse at Halo?

I started playing Halo about a year or so after Halo 3 was released.
Back then, I was a total noob.

I didn’t get competitive until Reach.
Shorty after Reach was released, I started improving very quickly.
By the end of it’s lifespan, I had become a highly above average player.

When Halo 4 released, I continued to play well, as I had expected.
However, after about two months,
I noticed I was actually getting worse.

I continued playing Halo daily.
But even still, I’ve only gotten worse.

Is this even possible?
I thought the saying was,
“Practice makes perfect”.
Not the other way around!

Have you ever met anyone else who has continuously played Halo, but has gotten worse?

It’s really quite depressing… :frowning:

I’ve been playing Halo for several years (since Halo 2).

I have made progress, but that peaked during Halo 3. Since then my ability has declined.

It’s down to one of two things:

  1. I don’t play as much as I used to (so I’m out of practice)

  2. I’m getting older and my reactions aren’t what they used to be.

I like to think it’s the first one, but I’m not sure…

When I started Halo 4, I destroyed. A few months later, and I started getting destroyed. Recently, I went back to Halo 3 and played a few games. When I went to play a game of Halo 4, I realized I did alot better then I normally would have. Practice on the harder games to get better at the easier games.

Noob rank = noobie gamers in other teams = easy to get better
high rank = high ranked teams + maybe a newb :slight_smile: only = hard and therefore slow improvement ^^

I think that if you haven’t played any game in a while, it is possible to become worse at it.

My Halo skill story is an interesting one:

I completely sucked at Halo 3. I sucked from the time I got it, to the time I said good-bye and went to Reach. But, that was because I had actually never played an online game until then. Plus, I didn’t even really care about K/D or playing super good at that time.

When Halo: Reach rolled around, I still didn’t care too much about K/D, so I was pretty much stuck at an even K/D from the beginning. However, after the first year of playing Halo: Reach, I suddenly decided that I wanted a higher K/D. I did whatever I could to raise it, and suddenly, I found myself going from a 1.01 K/D to a 1.83 K/D in about a year, which is the most significant K/D jump I have ever made in a Halo game.

When Halo 4 was about ready to come out, I told myself I was going to keep my K/D above a 2.00, no matter what. I have held onto that vow and have never slipped below a 2.15. I currently hold a 2.17 K/D and it is still continuing to increase.

Personally, when it comes to Halo, I don’t seem to decrease in skill. I can take a week off from playing Halo, come back, and dominate. Maybe I have a hidden Halo gene somewhere that doesn’t allow me to deteriorate from the game, or maybe I’m just plain lucky. Regardless, everyone is different. All I have to say is don’t let it bother you. Have fun with Halo 4, because from the way things are looking, it’s future doesn’t look too bright…and that makes me sad.

Peak ability goes up and down at times. Personally I am no boss, but I have boss moments. Try to enjoy halo in another mode as a break from competitive MM. Give forge a try, or relax with some campaign. After a break return to MM and return to your inner beast. :slight_smile: The thing that separates Halo from all other games is continued playability . There are do many different ways to keep enjoying the game . So take a break and return to your favorite mode and kick butt. :slight_smile:

with age come slowly getting worse = for most people that is

I don’t think its a case of getting worse, but instead a case of not using previously learnt skills in practice.

I started online Halo with Reach. Whether I was a good player or not was hard to tell as I spent my first 2-3 months playing Living Dead only. I gained certain skills from Living Dead which did show through into Slayer variants. Towards the end of Reach I played a lot of MLG which really helped me improve. I’d established a good strafe and a nice shot.

Halo 4 arrives and we are given lots of tools to work with. I liked to use the Sticky Grenades and Boltshot which for me and a lot of other people acted as something to fall back on. Many people did and still do rely far to heavily on these tools (Active Camo and PV also) and therefore will never improve.

Why should I need map awareness when I have PV?
Why should I move around the map and put my strafe into action when I have AC?
Why should I time weapons when I can call one to my feet?
Why should I put my shot to use when I have the 1SK Boltshot?

People start to rely on these tools far to much and as a result tend to trade in previously learnt skills e.g strafe for camo.

The Halo 4 matching system also doesn’t do the players wanting to improve many favors. As long as you are playing against players who are of lesser skill, you have little to no chance of improving. The lesser skilled players themselves do not tend to use many skills. They tend to have a bad strafe (if any), poor shot and they rely on their tools to much. The amount of players that just run straight at you tossing stickies is not just frustrating but down right stupid.

If your opponents are of lesser skill and require little effort to beat in 1v1 you will tend to find yourself slacking off. My strafe from launch til the start of September was pretty much 3 steps left, 3 steps right before repeating (which was only effective against the lesser skilled players). My shot was terrible as I had been used to playing against players who run directly at me for so long.

So at the start of September I changed my game plan hard. I started playing much more often and put every skill I new into practice. I am now currently at the best I have ever been. My KD since September has risen from 1.42 to 1.58 which is a massive increase considering the mass amount of kills I had when I started to increase.

After I got my head into gear and started using these previously learnt skills my KD per day went from about on average 1.4 a day to over 2.0 a day.
According to Halo Tracker from Sept 4th - October 22nd my daily KD has been as followed: 1.69, 3.33, 2.82, 2.56, 3.38, 2.16, 1.36, 2.69, 1.48, 2.71, 2.52, 2.32, 1.88, 2.43, 1.45, 1.37, 2.48, 2.42, 2.18, 3.95, 1.48, 1.78, 2.77, 2.53, 2.45, 1.5, 1.41, 1.36, 2.28, 2.17, 2.69.

I say you should just get out of that “I’m not as good” mindset and actually focus on where you are “not as good”. Rather than complain and ask for reasons why, why not do something about it :slight_smile: If your strafe and shot suck, play Octgaon ect It worked wonders for me and I am now pretty confident I am much better than the average player. If you play everyday, you can not get worse, only better. However you need to want to improve and not just hope playing players who are not very skilled will help you.

> with age come slowly getting worse = for most people that is

But I’m only 17…

This will probably come off more as an excuse rather than a reason but is it possible your controller is wearing out? Some of the 360 controllers are horrible. You’ll notice the up, down, left, and right speeds are all different. Some controllers are worse than others and ones that don’t do it at all are rare. I need to pick up a no-slow controller cause mine is really starting to get bad. It’s so sporadic.

This is what happened to me. I was pretty average in Halo 2, really good at Halo 3 (multiple 50s etc), good at Reach but I seem average at H4 (although I do have a CSR 50).

The more I think about it, the lack of skill gap in H4 probably plays a big part in it. It is literally impossible to outshoot someone in this game as the aiming is ridiculously easy and everyone can four shot with ease. Sprint also makes positioning far less important than past games and allows bad players a “get out of jail free” card. Maybe it is just me but I feel I have a lot more options to outplay the other team in past Halo games.

good luck

For me, I started out with Halo 3 and was just horrible. I attempted to get better at shooting, melee, and grenades, but for the most part I was still a complete noob. Eventually through trial and error, I found that my special niche was with vehicles and other support roles (also running blindly into death). I turned my inability to maintain a positive K/D ratio into a goal of raising my team mates’ instead. In addition, instead of trying to mimic what the good players were doing, I focused on doing exactly what they would not do. By becoming a wild card I was able to completely turn normal strategies on their heads. With Reach I began to improve my aiming, but maintained the same core playstyle. Now with Halo 4, my games hit both highs and lows all the time. I’ve found that sometimes, trying hard to win just isn’t enough. There will always be players better than me and random situations that cannot be salvaged. My advice would be to stop trying hard and start playing for fun. Do what you enjoy and your skillset will naturally develop around it. A player with a mediocre K/D, poor timing, and bad aim can still be an essential asset to a team, one just needs to modify their definition of what ‘good’ and ‘skill’ really means.

I know that during some days of reach and 4, I just didn’t have that drive to play…so I didn’t care as much, got sloppy, missed shots that I normally hit, do worse no matter how much I try to fight it.

One of my friends actually plays better when he takes breaks, as in he doesn’t play for 3 or 4 weeks and then plays lights out for a week or so and cools off as he continues to play more.

We are all different, noticed any patterns for yourself or just a sharp decline recently? If it was more of a flat decline…you might just be getting paired against groups of players instead of randoms.

Yep. If you focus, you can probably do a bit better. By focus, you try to concentrate on the game and become one with it.

I have a theory, you’ve become too comfortable with your current skills. It’s not that you’ve gotten worse, it’s just that everyone else has gotten better. You have become lazy.

What you need to do is start analysing every death, every match, every move and figure out your mistakes. Go and check out BBK Dragoon on YouTube, he has (or had) a series titled “Replay Reviews.” Go and watch them, you should start doing the same with your own matches.

I hope this helps.

try not playing for a few days. sounds odd but when you come back (at least this happens for me) you will be much cleaner and on point.

as for me, I recently had a bit of a breakthrough. not to toot my own horn of course but I have been of fire lately. in the zone focused to the max hardly any mistakes every shot landing just going crazy.

You haven’t gotten worse, you’re just playing against better competition. Because of Halo’s skill ranking system, if you play enough, you will be put against players who are fairly close to your skill level, so it can be difficult to do much more than break even.

As long as you take some brakes -maybe a day or 2 off- and come back fresh you will notice a significant difference.

I’m let’s say, good, at Halo. I never played 3 that well and reach was the first halo I started playing online more active. I never got a K/D over 1.00

Halo 4 is another story, I went in MP with no knowledge to the gameplay and I chose hardlight shield, most people say it prolongs your death sentence and I’m a gamer who uses every defensive ability. A few weeks a go I switched to thruster pack, I decided to play more aggressive and it payed off. in stead of running away, I played harder and faster. Observing my enemy’s and picking out the best way to attack. I went from fleeing, to assess, adapt and attack. I played hardball, I killed and got killed.

I do think I have a skill over other players, since I have ADHD, I can only focus on one thing and that is everything. I can’t focus on individuals segments on a screen and my reaction speed is above average. It brings out the worst and it brings out the best in me. By playing defensive I panicked fast, I knew where every enemy was and could be and I couldn’t pick out a strategy, since I panicked.

I went from defensive and careful, to a full on attack machine, my k/d is higher in games and working with AR actually works for me now.

Change your tactics, not one tactic stays good forever and gamers pick out the repeaters pretty fast. someone uses a boltshot all the time, thrust back. someone plays from a distance, get in close. some one has a power weapon? RUUUUUUUUN!