Is it possible to reach onyx rank in 3 days?

Cause before Tuesday I was planning today to do competitive and rank up so is it possible?

I just got to platinum does that mean I am close to onyx?

Probably not.

Your CSR placement starts about half to a full division below the mean of your MMR.

The system has probably pegged you as mid to high Platinum.

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How fast is your PC?

Depends on your actual Trueskill level, the amount of time you have to play/grind, and the win percentage you can manage over that period of time. If your TrueSkill is easily within Onyx and you have approximately 4 hours or more to game I think you’ll achieve it given you manage a win rate that’s ~ 50%.

If your TrueSkill is actually in the Platinum to low Diamond range you’ll have a tough time demonstrating enough skill improvement within 3 days to reach Onyx. This is because improving your Trueskill substantially isn’t easy. It takes a lot of effort and even then it may not be possible as most people’s abilities reach a plateau point.

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No, impossible. I’ve been at it for 6 years.


Apparently focus on KPM… thus the faster your rig, the faster your ability to slay will be. My advice, relax and just be natural, let the chips fall where they fall.

I mean if you have the luck to JUST KEEP WINNING and slap THAT hard, then… Yeah I guess.

I would be really curious to know if you actually get it!

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Don’t leave us hanging…

Any closer?

Fingers crossed for you.


If you’re after the medal, then go for it I guess. But if you’re just trying to rank, I’d say to just wait. As for reaching Onyx in 3 days, how much time and preferred energy drink do you have?

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Didn’t make it sadly cause of other stuff that happened on Saturday and Sunday

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Yea. Figured. What did your rank place you as after this reset?