Is it possible to mod in Halo 5: Guardians? Yes.

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Hello everyone, last day I was chilling on the Team Doubles playlist and this happened.
The gamertags of the two cheaters are: <mark>REDACTED</mark>
The gamplay is recorded at high champion rankings. The guy who’s actually abusing of mods is “Modz lol u dead” which actually is a secondary account of <mark>Demonizd</mark> also known as <mark>REDACTED</mark>, while <mark>REDACTED</mark> is playing games with him on purpose to reach Champion 1 in this unfair way.
That’s only some highlights of the game I played against them. Obviously have the whole gameplay recorded and saved on PC/Xbox.
I’m posting this because I want THIS to be spread, I’d also like to receive some advices from 343 support and hear what they are going to do about this BIG issue on H5.
Keep in mind other players recorded similar videos about this two guys and <mark>REDACTED</mark> / <mark>REDACTED</mark> also got banned twice for cheating, while <mark>REDACTED</mark> reputation is really bad since he plays always with this guy.
Is that what halo became?#MakeHaloGreatAgain
Thanks in advance, “enjoy” the video,

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