is it possible to get recon in halo 3 still

one day one of my friend got recon by a certain rank

I recall 343 unlocked Recon for everyone. IF you don’t have it unlocked the only way to get it would be to complete all the vidmaster challenges.

Please read one of the many other posts about this subject before making yet another one.

To answer your question, BS Angel stated over Twitter a couple of months ago that Recon armour is no longer available in Halo 3. So regardless of what rank you are, or how many Vidmaster achievements you earn, you can no longer obtain it. If you don’t have it now, you wont be getting it at all anymore.

I’m very grateful that I was able to get recon before they locked it permanently. Now I get to laugh as people moan about not having it or the blue flames in reach :stuck_out_tongue:

I signed in today to play Halo 3 and ive got it? No idea how as i never played MP when it came out. I knew it was hard to get but guess i got lucky?