Is it possible to disable Trigger vibration in H3?

I unsuccessfully tried to deactivate the trigger-vibration that occurs in Halo 3 when weapons are fired. I think those vibrations are very annoying and disturbing. I know that they could be disabled in the original title, but I do not find the option in Halo: TMCC.
Deactivating “vibrations” in the controller-setup only influences the vibrations that are generated in the handles, not the ones in the left and right trigger…

If you go down the list more it says “Impulse Triggers” and you can disable them. It’s at the very bottom of the list.

Thank you very much, I am obviously blind… Sorry for adding this topic :smiley:

It’s at the bottom of the list! :smiley:

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> It’s at the bottom of the list! :smiley:

Did you even read the first response in the thread before posting this?