Is it me or does the Shield Core just not have an effect?

Okay so I maxed shield core the first chance I could in order to give myself a fighting chance on Legendary, but it feels like it didn’t make a difference. Obviously it’s Legendary so there’s gonna be higher damage and all that, but I don’t notice a difference from the beginning of the game to now about 12 hours in with how much damage I take from enemies. Am I stupid or did I miss something?


It seems like shield gets chewed down pretty quickly even when you max it out. Certainly doesn’t feel like the 75% bump I was expecting.

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I’m so glad I’m not the only one who noticed. It genuinely feels as if I can’t stand up any better.

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I’ve noticed that the extra shields do practically nothing to improve my odds of survivability against enemies such as Jackal Snipers, most melee attacks, and other high-damage stuff on Legendary. Either how much damage you take is so high or the shield core upgrades don’t happen to affect your survivability so much to begin with.


It absolutely does, but it’s not such a huge difference that it’s noticeable all of the time. When your shields are maxed out, you have just enough shield health to survive many things that would have been a one shot before including sword and hammer melees and needler explosions. So it’s more of a second chance for one-hit-kills than something that will help in case you’re being shot repeatedly.

It takes two sword strikes from an Elite to kill you on Legendary whether your shields are maxed out or not; it’s just a matter of how much health you get to have after being hit once. I don’t know about the Needler explosion or Gravity Hammer since I never really get touched by those attacks very often (I’ve never once got super-combined by a Needler before).

I think the OHK that you otherwise could not survive whilst not having your shields upgrade is a shot from a Skewer which should remove your shields entirely and drain 1/3 of your health when your shields are maxed out.

So, it does work, however the game does apply the bonus damage that plasma weapons get to shield to the player. So itll feel like youre shield are down all the time, but in reality they can take more damage.

You particulary see this in action against sentinels and other hardlight damage same goes for shotgun and comando brutes or any melee focused attacks excluding beserkers.

It definitely seems to help against Plasma Sticks or Energy Sword swings.
Hammer still rips me up tho.

Given I’ve been walking around with a turret in 3rd person, seen myself get stuck with a spike grenade, and have it not even take out my shield I can 100% say it works, although this was on heroic. Can’t speak for legendary and I’d imagine plasma will chew through it regardless.