Is it late to opt-in to the pc flight after email?

Hey everyone, so I got the email regarding to how I got selected for the second flight test. However I went back into the Halo Insider settings and noticed that I didn’t have the PC opt-in section. So I’m wondering if it’ll be late for me to select that before they send out the invitation email with access codes and what not. By no means am I disappointed because I can always play on the Xbox console but I wished I had opted-in for the PC as my preference at the time.

Too late. 343 has reminded the community countless times to review your insider profile. People ignored them, now you are all spamming the threads.

You won’t be able to join into this weekend’s flight if you weren’t fully opted in, but potentially can get an invite to the following weekend’s BTB flight. More details about that will come out in the next few days as 343 are looking to release more invites.