Is it just me?

Every single warzone game I get into, the bottom 2-5 people have 0’s across the board and we end up losing because of it. Do people just not know how to play this game? Or does it pair people with good stats together on one team and me with everyone else on purpose?

/end rant.

There are a few warzone launch glitches where some people lose connection and it wipes their score board while kicking them from the game.

Not a friggin’ clue…I mean, not getting a boss kill, I can understand that. Sometimes I go a whole round with a zero in my boss count, but thats cause I’m mercing enemy Spartans and putting pressure on their bases so they can’t move out, and someone else nails the bosses for me. Still points for the team.
But guys like that…IDK. Maybe they think this is like Battlefield or some -Yoink-.

Just you