Is it just me??

I know i shouldn’t complain but i am at the end of tether and need to vent!

I am sick to death of getting 20+ kills and >10 deaths and losing games!

I played 6 games and lost every one the other night. In one game, the next best team member managed 3 kills 17 deaths and the rest got progressively worse, This was not the worse score out of the games i played that night (i wish i had taken pictures of the score boreds).
I lost my rank and very quickly my sanity . I just kept hoping the next game would produce better team mates.

This is happening constantly, I can’t get through the chaff and play a decent game of halo with people who have a skill level that makes it enjoyable! I dont mind losing, in fact i quite enjoy it when the opposing team puts in a WOW performance. I like to assess what I’ve done worng and look at how could improve my game. But when I have given the game my all and get reaptive losses i just think why bother!

Its driving me up the wall, even when i am trying to be ranked for that coming season i get bloodly stung. The performances I constantly put in, its not only an insult but just plan crazy!

I am not saying i some kind of halo god, because i am not, but i am a hell of alot better than gold 2!


Then join a team of players who are good or play FFA. It is a TEAM game type, so the TEAM is what is ranked, otherwise we have people who do well at the expense of their team. Look at any example of competitions where teams compete. The losers get no part of the winners prize.

I get that, the clue is in the name. It is not always possible (in fact rare) for my friends to be on the same time, normally due to life’s comitments.

I don’t know, just seems like something is missing or not quite right cant put my finger on it . I cant remember having this problem before when going solo.

Just keep on at it i suppose.