Is It Just Me Or......

Are most halo players a big bunch of cry babies??

this isn’t directed to all halo players obviously but ive played 16 games and won 11 of them (this is my 1st halo game since halo 1 im finding it quite easy tbh expected it to be alot harder)

anyways ive had atleast 8 messages off people raging at me just because im killing them and im a low SR. i got a paragraph off one guy because i managed to stick a plasma nade on his warthog with 2 other people in it and blew them all sky high :smiley:

plus ive lost count of people moaning about the game, its a new release no game is perfect on release(hence title updates)

its a game why do people get so angry at dieng??

I could say with some certainty its not exclusive to Halo players. This game / series brings a lot of emotions out in people though.

Yes, but you can’t deny that the uneven starting teams along with the JIP is fundamentally flawed. I watched the video where they explain why it’s there,

“I remember wanting to join my friends on past Halo games and having to wait upto 10 minutes, blah blah blah”

I would rather wait 10 minutes than to get thrown into a game playing AGAINST my friends. God forbid I decide to start playing multiplayer by myself. What do I get… JOIN IN PROGRESS!!!

When has anyone JIP’d and not been on the losing team? It’s RARE, trust me.

I think the overall gameplay of MM is very good, just a few minor issues that need to worked out.

Please, next time keep the discussion to the game, not to people’s attitudes in the game. Threads complaining about people’s attitudes don’t have a lot of discussion value, that’s why I am locking this thread.