Is it just me or is Scythe impossible to play

The map’s framerate decreases so drastically during multiplayer gameplay it’s impossible to smoothly aim or move at all… Similarly to what happens on Complex when there’s too many Ghosts movin around but has anyone else experienced this?

Yeah. But mostly when I play splitscreen

I haven’t had a single frame rate issue on any of the forge maps. Now Shatter and Wreckage are a different story. I also have never played split screen in Halo 4.

I’ve never had a frame rate issue on any of Halo 4’s maps, really. Only when experiencing lag. For me, Scythe is unplayable because it’s a terrible map.

I second Noble 29’s notion about it being terrible map.

> Yeah. But mostly when I play splitscreen

Same here. I get huge amounts of bizarre lag events (people attacking through walls, stickies falling off after hitting people, ordnance drop markers reporting the wrong weapon/failing to go away after weapon is taken, etc) when playing splitscreen on Forge maps, but not by myself.

And I love the bleeding hell out of Scythe.

What confuses me is why the hell that map, as well as a few other Forge ones, give you freakin’ BTB ordnance weapons. Small and medium maps should not be dropping cannons, binaries, fuel rods, etc.

I don’t know anymore. This game has COMPLETELY unacceptable lag in every game. It’s insane that if you are the host you get an advantage. It’s insane that if you play people from other countries you get a disadvantage. I get the feeling that I play half as good as I am because of all this server/host CRAP.

You play SO much better when your the host and the game is SO smooth. When. And if ever.