Is it just me or does anyone else agree that BTB should have BR start?

IMO I feel that since we are on bigger maps that it’s only right for the weapon that we start off with should be the BR as the primary and the AR as the secondary. I really hope that 343 looks into to making that a reality I believe that it would make BTB a lot more fun to play. If they wish to have the sidekick I would think that it would be best to use the variant of the weapon that has no bloom and as the secondary


Already had lots of posts about this. Many others and I like AR/SK starts (and before you you say im just bad, i am not, i just find the BR boring to start with and prefer AR starts). After much discussion our side and the BR start advocates seemed to agree we just need separate playlists and if we get it for Social i would like it for ranked as well as AR starts just play different than BR starts.

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Have not played Infinite since the first week of launch but I can tell you in the MCC I MUCH prefer AR starts.

Nothing more annoying then going out into the open and instantly getting shot at all the time.

Everyone starting out with a mid to long range precision weapon just isn’t fun.

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While I think you should be able to customise your weapon and grenade preferences, custom rollouts seems a bit too much like other games we have played…

Nah one of my gripes with the older Halo’s was that it was always a precision start one of the things 343 got right was stepping away with that in Infinite


A big point of feedback from H5’s BTB was to make it AR/Pistol starts. The forge creators designed the maps with those loadouts in mind, but 343 never budged from BR starts. Personally given the size of the maps BR starts would punish all attempts at map traversal. Players would be encourage to turtle up and camp each side.

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nope, ARs. BRs are a long range weapon and should not completely dominate the sandbox…deal with it.

That’s not halo that’s call of duty

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Exactly lol. Being able to have a “hierarchy of grenade preferences” could be cool, but custom loadouts should be a game mode, not a core feature.