Is it just me or do the guns feel weaker.

Going back over the years of my halo journey I feel as though the current rendition of classic weapons as well as the mass majority of the available power weapons to test were slightly underpowered with the exception of maybe one or two namely the skewer (probably not the actual name, it’s the one that shoots the kinetic spikes) . Primarily the AR, BR and the sidekick compared to halos of old each one of these weapons seems to feel like they are shells of their former glory. The AR not as much but still noticeable enough to feel like weaker. Given that the sidekick is not named after the magnum and the gun is massively different compared to the magnum I can assume the reduction in strength is due to it being a different weapon all together but still even so if there is no intention of the magnum returning then at the very minimum could we possibly see a slight buff to damage? Now to the biggest one the BR doesn’t feel like the all powerful BR that you seek out every spawn but rather it feels more like a cheap nock off that takes more that half the clip to render shields to nothing and at least one more well placed burst to finish the job, granted I will also say that my accuracy is not the best in the world at a min of 38% to a max of 60% I should still be able to most often then not finish my target before having to reload. That being said overall I felt that most weapons where a little weaker than their counterparts especially the gravity hammer which felt like it takes an eternity to use. The worst gun imo is the plasma pistol overall the homing of the charged shot the time it takes to charge a full emp blast is well to me anyway a lot slower than it should be. Also the damage it’s puts out seems to be considerably weaker than it’s previous versions as well. Again each person will recall the weapons differently and I’m sure that there are some who will say that some of the power weapons need a nerf.

Weaker? The killtimes in Infinite are fast as hell. The AR, Sidekick, and Commando all kill faster than primary weapons have in any Halo game post-CE.

Just to compare the AR:
Infinite’s kills in 1.15s, or 1.40s for bodyshots
Halo CE’s kills in 1.10s
Halo 3’s kills in 1.52s
Reach’s kills in 1.70s
Halo 4’s kills in 1.64s
Halo 5’s kills in 1.20s, or 1.90s for bodyshots.

It’s also worth noting that while CE’s AR was capable of a faster killtimes than Infinite’s, it also had drastically less range. I mean VERY drastically. Like the CE AR would be lucky to land a single bullet at ranges the Infinite AR is still finishing people off in less than two seconds. The same can be said for most other ARs, I’d say Halo 5’s is the only one that can compete with the AR’s effective range whatsoever. But since its body shot damage is so much lower, it’ll suffer more for it.

Most weapons in Halo Infinite are like this.

If you don’t think Infinite’s AR needs a nerf, you’re kidding yourself. The only other option is to buff the precision weapons. We’d be in COD TTK’s at that point.