Is it just me? Or are these nades ridiculous??

I’m sick and tired of the grenades already. This is almost comparable to the reach nuclear grenades catastrophe. I don’t know whether the solution lies in nerfing them, or just giving people a lot less. Grenades are supposed to be a support weapon, not a power weapon with basically infinite ammo laying around. If this continues I don’t know if I’ll want to play this game any longer. Please, I welcome constructive discussion to this “issue.”

I don’t mind their explosive radius being large due to sprint and thrusters but I think the overall damage needs to be toned down. A grenade shouldn’t kill you unless you have 1/4 shields or less.

Yeah, I know it’s a grenade but grenades take less skill than aiming. If it is going to be very easy to hit anybody with a grenade (because of the large radius) then it should hardly ever kill.

thrust away

Spawning with one frag grenade, or one of each type of grenade would be better than two frag grenades.

I don’t think its thaaat bad in slayer, but in breakout, you can just throw a nade and get double ams triple kills easily. They are definitely OP in no-shield gametypes.

There has been times in slayer where I am half shields and full health and I die by one grenade. That’s ridiculous. Think they should be toned down by at least 15 percent. Thrusting away is a good point. However when there is 4 or 5 due to such a large amount on map, it’s hard to thrust away.

First few days of beta, yes. You get used to avoiding them, though.If you’re in a battle and you thrust away or back into cover, assume they’ll be flying your way